Oceans of blue, Oceans of stars

so many stars

so many stars

Yesterday I wrote about the stars in my city. Juliaca is at 3824 meters above sea level (12,549 ft.) and usually the sky is almost transparent. It’s so high than some tourists can suffer the thinner atmosphere with less oxygen. We evolved to this having bigger lungs and a higher account of red blood cells, so our cheeks are usually red. We know this thanks to the studies the famous dr. Huxley made in XIX century and that were commented by his friend, Darwin (I read it in his book The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex) When I am in the sea there are no stars so I like to live around the sea, to have an infinite to see.

dreamy twilight in the port

dreamy twilight in the port

And this is the sea I like to see in the coast, I remember to have seen just a few stars a very few times.

Our society in the highlands, despite the high altitude, always had a tradition of sailors until today. So for example in the market they ask you to add some ingredients of the highland because we eat a bit different from the men of the coast. But that’s story for another post.

26 thoughts on “Oceans of blue, Oceans of stars

  1. Beautiful night and twilight skies, Francis! Beautiful Juliaca. So, I wonder, since you have bigger lungs due to the thinner air, can you hold your breath longer while underwater? :)

    1. Thank you, kind lady. I don’t know how to swim! XD I can hold my breath more or less longer in the air but in the water I’m distracted trying to don’t die xP

  2. lovely night sky and gorgeous pink port. I like how our bodies adapt to our elevation above sea level. I wonder if I moved to Peru my lungs would get bigger after a while. :D

    1. Actually this adaption occurred in the span of millennia :O it’s actually a proven argument for evolution in Darwin’s book (I guess some churches would love to kill us, lol) So I’m sad to say that your lungs would be the same but your beautiful cheeks wouldn’t be spotted by our red marks so that’s good :-)
      Did you know that Tibetans evolved in a different way to the high altitudes? they need less oxygen so their cheeks are normal.

      1. Could be, although the city at the highest altitude is near my own city. It’s called Rinconada but more than a city it’s just a place to extract gold from a mountain, the work there is similar to the Inca empire style in reference to the payment.

  3. Oh Francis how lovely , beautiful colors!! I’m so envious of people who shoot so well at night ;), I just don’t get out at that hour to ever be any good , so I truly appreciate your photos . And.. Your beautiful writing . Have a fantastic week my friend

    1. Oh, please, there is no place for envy here XD You have precious memories of the early day, a moment when I’m inside my world of dreams. Let’s just say that we’re complementary ;-)

  4. Such an amazing night sky! It’s great that you have a place for viewing seas of stars and a place for viewing seas of water. And they’re just a few hours away by bus. You’re truly fortunate :)

    1. Your country is almost a continent. It’s true that the distances here are just a few soles and hours of distances (actually more soles equals less time :P) but also is true that it’s more probable that we don’t reach our destiny, so in that sense after traveling constantly I can say that I’m truly fortunate XD

    1. Fixed and ready! Thank you so much for saying it, Caroline ^_^ I’m so glad because that tells me you actually care to see and I feel pretty honored by that. I’m going to post more views from the port, I know a piece of you is in the sea so I hope when times comes you find something special for you. Best wishes, Caroline :-)

  5. Amazing photograph of the sky! Have you got to see the blood moon? We had it in the middle of the night, and the sky was so dark that even the smallest stars were visible. I think I have never seen so many stars ever.

    1. I saw it and of course I photographed it. But the lights of the city doesn’t showed so many stars… I’m glad you could see so many with such amazing spectacle! Magic moon in Ireland…

      1. It was a miracle because normally we see nothing of the celestial events because of the weather. I left at about 2.30 in the morning and went up the hill outside the city. It was magnificent. Venus was so bright and huge that I had mistaken it with a light on the TV mast.

      2. Ohh! 2:30 am, in my country it happened at 9 pm so it was early and with the city with full (electric) life.
        Happy weekend :-)

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