Sad eyes

sad eyes

To start the week with optimism, lol. I’m loving Ektar 100, if I could go back to the past I would buy five instead of just one roll :P Although I could obtain just one and get the palette of colors to build a preset for my digital camera…

This lock was broken by my grandmother, I don’t know how, I guess the blacksmith work was of pitiful quality, and even worse this lock is a depraved one because likes to rip women’ clothes off.

19 thoughts on “Sad eyes

      1. No, you were correct, the only one to blame here is me because my basic English :’L I promise to study and know better your language. Besos, Rose, and thanks for your patience.

    1. I want to learn about the way it renders the light in its colors and the force of the shadows. I shot a box of twenty four colors I have in the same moment of the day with my digital and film camera so I can tune every color in my digital image in a raw editor comparing it with the film image.
      Actually I would prefer to buy simply the rolls of film but in my country I’ve no access to skilled laboratories, I have to buy these rolls from countries in Europe or Asia, and it’s painful to process every image photographing the negative with my digital camera because if I ask to the laboratory they give me a image with very, but very, low quality…

  1. Your grandmother must be some strong lady to break that lock, which does look a bit like a sad, distorted face. However, I don’t feel sorry for it because it left me with peek-a-boo leggings :P
    Do you want me to try to find some Ektar film so that I can send it to you? No problem if it’s rare….I love a good hunt!

    1. Ha! I think the blacksmith instead made a weak lock xP if not my grandmother would be Kara Zor-El :v A sweet peek-a-boo indeed (-_^)
      Thanks Melissa for your noble gesture but if my life would be a videogame let’s say that I’m short in coins, even with the rolls in home to me would be quite difficult to afford the laboratory to develop the negatives :/ I’m happy to have shot with it part of your portraits ;-)
      Besos de chocolate :-))))

      1. Sorry to hear about your financial troubles :(
        You know where to find me if you change your mind about the film :)
        Besos desde el norte!

      2. Of course ^_^ don’t worry, in any case I’m well and that’s enough, I’ll use my savings for better education if possible but photography (and that includes the luxury film) is just a secondary hobby.
        Besos desde la primavera al sur de ti :-)

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