Late afternoon in the market


Late afternoon in the market

In Juliaca there are different types of market:

  • There are the new malls where people likes to buy and walk with their children, I don’t like them because you need to wait in long queues and even worse for your privacy cashiers ask for your ID or cards
  • There are the older markets as pictured in the photograph, this is called Santa Bárbara and I think it could be really ancient, I mean as several centuries long. In the highlands there aren’t fruits (remember we’re at more than 3800 meters/12000 feet) but the jungle is near so we eat fruits from the whole Peru and the jungle, the problem with these markets is that the sellers want you to be loyal to their stands and they can be a bit jealous if you buy from another person.
  • The last type is my favorite, usually it’s in fairs with peasants or people from smaller cities as sellers, they have the products over a textile in the ground and they are indifferent to you until you ask or buy. Until then you’re comfortably invisible.

Once I posted big and super red apples, I bought them from one fair, probably in the market they could have cost a lot.

15 thoughts on “Late afternoon in the market

  1. What fun! We have farmers markets here which is probably similar to your markets there. Produce, soap, flowers, etc can be bought fresh and inexpensively. Have fun shopping! 😘

      1. You’re a poet, Francis. You have an edge, because you’re both talented with your words and photographs. We should all eat our hearts out :) Thank you for sharing your stories! xo

      2. Oh, I see somebody else likes gore as well asfaweifjsdkkf! lol, thank you for your compliments dear Rose. To me to write and to take photographs are just hobbies, I never studied poetry, photography, actually I barely studied English (and now I need to study it to get at least medium level for certification) but I’m happy you see them in that way. Thanks for your kindness :-)

  2. Markets are so much more fun than malls, I’m going to the flea market in South Shields tomorrow, of course they don’t sell fleas, but lots of junk to sift through :)

    1. hmm, a flea market that doesn’t sell fleas, where can I get fleas for my flea circus? lol, just kidding :-) Sounds quite interesting, I searched your blog for a publication about it but there says it wasn’t there perhaps the bad weather so you went to the ant market D:
      I guess it can be a bit dangerous to photograph, but I’d love to see it. Thank you, fragglerocking.

  3. Ahhh! The second-greatest comfort in the world is being comfortably invisible. I, too, would prefer to buy from the vendors at the fair, but only because I like the idea of buying directly from the source for a fair price (for both parties).
    I have more thoughts on the subject, but I’m too tired to think right now….Catch you later :)

    1. That’s also a great feeling. To buy so the producer obtain the fair price for the hard work.
      Have a good rest, meanwhile I’ll think in the first-greatest comfort ;-)

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