18 thoughts on “Pig smirk :P

      1. :D Not really.. it is thinking “Now this goofball will click a cute picture of me, show it to his girlfriends who will go ooh and aah over it, giggling and uttering ‘so cuuuute!!!’ and then after all that he will come back here, just in time to sit at the table where I am dinner” hahaha

      2. ha! that would be yummy! but then its satisfaction is due to the fact that it’s in the land of a customer, so it knows I’m not going to put a hand (or tooth) in its meat XD

  1. I’ve always liked pigs because they’re so smart and they have sensitive skin like I do :)
    It’s bizarre that you posted this on the same evening that one of my FB friends shared a video where self-professed bacon lovers were introduced to a baby pig.
    They swore never to eat bacon again.
    Did you know that your animal in the Chinese zodiac is a pig?
    Besos :)

    1. “I’m Francis and I’m a pig D:” once I have to use that phrase! Pig skin is compatible to human skin, is amazing, girl of sensitive skin ;-)
      I always forgot the Chinese symbol, I’m not sure about they could mean something in a place with a different sky.
      I don’t know but in my country I find scary to see advertisement with Porky pig inviting to try pork rind :S
      I eat meat but only if the animal has not suffered, so I don’t try animals still alive nor killed with cruelty.
      I don’t know about the Chinese zodiac, which animal is your symbol? :-)
      Besos ^_^

      1. Yes! Pigs have very sensitive skin. That’s why they roll around in mud. Its their sunscreen.
        Really!? Porky Pig invites Peruvians to try pork rinds? Creeeeeepy :P
        My animal in the Chinese zodiac is the tiger. I like tigers. They’re grrrrrrrreat!
        (forgive me! I had to do it!)

      2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I understand know Melissa Tiger :P I used to thought in Mary Jean in Spiderman’s comics that likes to say tiger to Peter Parker, in fact there is a comical version: Peter Porker, with spiderman as a cute pig D:
        Tiger eats pig? lol
        Grrrrreatings, Melissa ;-) Gracias.

      3. Ah yes! Another little bit of the Melissa puzzle :)
        Peter Porker! That’s wrong XD
        Buenas noches!

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