33 thoughts on “Eye in the sky

  1. er.. if Horus went blind, what would the rest of us see?? :D Ok, choose between his right or left eye.. I would not mind the left eye either.. haha.. an all night world..

      1. Oh!!! Local gods??? OH!!!!!
        Horus is very offended.. now you shall have no sun in your part of the world.. he will close his right eye..

      2. Now you have done it.. with blasphemy you have even ruined your economy !!! :D hahaha… Ok, will tell Horus to let you go this time..
        And ok, here is useless trivia.. do you know what the $ symbol stands for? or stood for? US… the two columns of the U with the superimposed S going through the pillars.. I don’t know how far that is true.. but something I picked up somewhere..

      3. At last I did something important, cool! In Peru blasphemy is a popular genre of comedy. I didn’t know about the symbol, I knew that the word derives from the name they gave to the Spaniards coins, “pesetas” at least that said a book of US history.

      4. Ok, now I am confused.. might be true.. I thought it came from Thaler, German.. which was then taken by the Dutch to the new world..

        oh, which brings about another apocryphal trivia.. there was this divide between the Dutch side and the English side of the American territories and exchange of money was strictly forbidden between the two groups. But each day they would come to the boundary wall and barter goods.. the dutch side and the english side. And apparently.. that wall remained in public conscious well after it became the Estados unidos or whatever.. and they called it…. Wall Street!!!!!!
        Now, again, I don’t know if that is true or not.. but something, again, stored in my miserable garbage yard of a brain :D

      5. I think I read it and certainly that’s a great piece of history, but my memory is so terrible, actually I don’t have much of it except for cartoons and animes it seems…
        Thank you, Tejaswi ☺

      6. Yeah, cartoons and animes would be so much better than this useless garbage.. trust me.. of no use and yet completely confusing..

  2. It does look like an eye with the pupil and the iris! The sun posed for you, Francis :D Beautiful and makes me want to squint!! I hear photographers have to be very careful when take images of the sun.

    1. Actually it’s the moon. I was thinking… perhaps as I mentioned Horus, a deity related with the Sun, the words could lead to think it was the sun.
      Photographers use cameras with mirrors, so if they shot the sun the mirror in the camera transmits every once of the intensity so instead of eyes they end with fried eggs XD I have just a compact camera so I’m well protected ☺
      Wish you a good rest with nice dreams if you’re going to sleep; and a fantastic night if you’re going to be out for the Friday ;-)

    1. Thank you! actually it’s a poetic mistake, makes me think in a moon that dreams to be once a sun so it disguises as one… Great weekend ;-)

    1. You are thinking it could be his right eye, aren’t you? but it could be instead his left eye and then it would be a sad eye.
      I didn’t do anything I could remember, or in any case as every men on Earth I did it but I didn’t notice to have done it :-S

      1. I’m just messing with you!
        Actually, when I saw this photo and your title, I immediately thought of that song by the Alan Parson’s Project.

        Blast from the past!

      2. I love that song! I sing it all the time :)
        My brother throws things at me….
        But I don’t care!

      3. I’m messing with you again :P
        Sorry, I’ll behave now :)
        Sweet dreams, Francis!

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