19 thoughts on “Sungarden

      1. Yes, it is. Although in the highlands it means clouds and rain, but also green pastures and flowers. The autumn has to be precious in France!

      2. Im now passing the Autumn, the weather quite nice and the season is beautiful and still not ready for winter to come! Not at all :((

  1. Lovely flower and bokeh, we are having a bit of an Indian summer, (except yesterday when I went out on a photography trip and it was winter for the day 😕 ) keep the sun shining Francis 😊

    1. Thank you kind lady ☺ although in Peru we have the four seasons at the same time from the eternal summer in the tropical beaches at the north and the perpetual winter in the lands in the Andean mountains. Glad that it brings a bit of our sun to you ;-)

  2. Here I enjoy the colours of autumn – as a blogger I live all seasons :-)
    Thank you for spring, Francis.
    Best wishes from the other side of the world,

    1. Thank you for you kind words, mein freund Ulli. But in honor of truth this photo was shot more than a month ago in our winter. The winter in the highlands is dry and with blue skies, but very cold nights and even cold in the shadows; instead in the coast it’s mostly cloudy. Now in spring in the highlands the days are with clouds and rain and in inversely in the coast it’s with blue skies and heat.
      Thank you, best wishes, Ulli ☺

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