27 thoughts on “Black and yellow

    1. Thank you, Julie ^_^ I warmed the white balance in camera to get the sunset and reduced the exposure until the trees would be silhouettes. Your words make me happy for the resulting rendering ☺

    1. Sunset in the desert, the sun is so intense! I’d love to see the golden October of yours. It was shot in April, in our summer.
      Best wishes,

      1. A “golden October” has cold nights and warm days. So the colours are very intensitive. It’s a little bit comparable to Indian Summer. But we do not have a golden October every year ;-)

      2. We don’t have an Indian Summer -_-. The climate in the Southern hemisphere near the equator is a bit special due to the Andes mountains and the streams of artic and tropical waters, we have places with eternal summer and others with eternal winter (as my city). Your words to me has a quite exotic as my readings of Herodotus. It has to be quite beautiful in its colors to evoke in you such warm words. Although in Peru now is time to another Oktoberfest, people here loves beer :D
        Warm greetings,

      1. It’s an impressive picture; simplicity, strength, expressiveness. Two colors whose combination is “explosive” for the senses!

  1. Was God talking to you? Those trees look like they’re on fire: A big burst of flame with the silhouettes of trees in the foreground. It makes for an impressive effect with two very powerful colors.

    1. That was the sky in Arequipa that day :-) I used the maximum the zoom effect of my camera to get the pure color and not the colors above. I don’t know who talked what was yelling “help! I’m in fireee!” :v

      1. Nevermind! It was a poor attempt at humor using a biblical reference. Great photo – un beso grande!

      2. Perdon! I didn’t catch the reference :P I guess I need to improve my ‘Simpsons’ knowledge if we’re going to be friends :)

      3. No, everybody would be alone and fried if friendship were based in cartoons XD I will choose better my references dear Melissa ☺

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