19 thoughts on “I walked centuries for you

  1. You must have been quite daft to walk over the same stones and in such an odd pattern… what is that supposed to be? the tracks of that creature from the dark side of the moon? The tranformers? :D
    What a nice pic, Francis.. only you can see meaning in those steps.. who knows.. it really might be that of someone who walked centuries… :)

    1. Could be, it’s the floor of a colonial building, Jesuit cloisters to be exact. Although probably the difference in every artisanal brick is the origin of the fact that some of them are intact and others suffered the steps across de decades (centuries? there is no indication if the floor is original)

  2. I would love to think that there’s some profound message in the pattern of the raised stones, but considering the residents of the cloisters, it would probably be something like, “I wish I’d been born a boy” or “God, I want some chocolate.”
    Abrazos y besos :)

    1. I think everything has really not an intrinsic meaning, so every meaning we choose to believe is valid :-)
      I good chocolate wouldn’t hurt ;-)
      Abrazos y besos de chocolate ^_^

      1. So everything’s open to interpretation? That explains so much about you :S
        Heehee – I already ate some chocolate :D

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