12 thoughts on “Rain of Roses

      1. I’m very thankful living in a country with rain. I like walking and biking in the rain. But as it is raining all the year in Germany sometimes I don’t like the rain, especially when it’s combined with fog and I have to get out in the early morning ;-)
        Have a nice Sunday afternoon,

      2. You have a healthy spirit, Ulli. Rain all the year and fog has to create a special atmosphere!
        Thank you, Ulli. Hoping you are having a great evening there in Deutschland,

  1. I love the imagery invoked by your words ‘Rain of Roses’, but these roses look a bit more like they are divebombing….which isn’t so bad if you steer clear of the thorns ;)
    Forgive me! I don’t want to wreck your lovely photo or the title that accompanies it. I love the soft pink and green that stands out so beautifully against the dark background.

    1. Oh, our first discussion! just kidding :-) I’m quite ignorant about nature and food, so to everything I call “flowers” or “food” -_-
      Don’t worry, thanks for coming, hoping everything is well and better :)))

  2. I am smelling the very last roses these days… They are rare, only a few left in the city. The season is turning, but some multiple bloomers are still offering a few.
    For the last ten years of my life, the smell of certain roses has become one of my very favorite. The simple thought of certain types of roses trigger almost the same sensation in my brain as if I were smelling them. It’s almost a liquid scent.
    These light roses are very beautiful. But tell me, out of curiosity, do they have a strong scent?

    1. These are almost wild flowers, they grow like climbing plant, they have an strong scent… hmm, I’d say a kind of wet petals with the green leaves also in the scent. More than a perfume it has the scent of a wild garden in middle of a lost forest.
      In the highlands there is a town where they grow special roses, but usually the scent is so subtle… I need something to capture the scent :D

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