20 thoughts on “Praying

    1. Everything has to be of personal importance if somebody prays for it :-) For example I pay to the Earth, the equivalence among us to the praying made by Christians, but I never ask for anything, just say thanks to the Earth.
      Hoping you are having a wonderful day, Gilles :-)

    1. One of the kittens of the cat :-) They all have another families and hoping they are well cared…
      Thank you for you visit, Ulli. Best wishes,

      1. Holland in the Chinese popular republic? 13 sounds so many hours :( well, I understand the jet lag. Wish you a great rest, and a big thanks for coming notwithstanding the tough travel.

    1. He was too young to know how to prey, he was playing with his also little brothers to climb the tree. A beautiful line in your words. Thank you, Caroline.

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