30 thoughts on “I guess there is a naked ghost around there

  1. At these night temperatures? No, I think he changed to winter coat ;-)
    Like your sense of humor, Francis :-)

    1. I took this photograph some months ago when we were in winter, now here we are in full spring :-) Is it curious that our seasons are inverted? Hoping you are having a great evening, Ulli.

      1. Yes, the winter colors are wonderful in Peru :-)
        But in spring you also have night temperatures under 0°C – and that’s cold for me (and perhaps for the ghost, too), Francis ;-).

      2. You’re right, Ulli. Of course it also depends on the location, in the jungle and tropic always there is hot weather, and in the mountains and highlands always is cold, I think I only have seen places with different seasons on TV :D
        Usually the German people that came to make colonies in Peru choose the jungle, I only knew one family of German origin that came to our city in the highlands sixty years ago, they are very appreciated neighbors but I think for now they are totally Peruvian.
        Thanks for your visit, thanks,

      3. Yes Francis, It is very impressive to see the different landscapes in Peru. I’ve never been in Peru, but I saw fascinating reports on TV. I’ve read in the 19. century a little group of Germans from the region where I live settled in Pozuzo und Oxapampa. At an altitude of 750 and 1.800 m above sea level it’s not a problem. But over 3.000 m, as you live, it could be problematical for people with small lungs ;-), especially when they have to work hard – I’m living in 40 m and love to be on 0 m :-).
        But it’s nice to know that Germans settled in your city and after sixty years they should be Peruvian and integrated :-)
        Thank you for your interesting report.
        Best wishes

    1. Interesting observation, we could discuss it on a dinner. Just kidding :D
      Good point, I guess we cannot get something fun without losing at the same time other funny thing :P

  2. Who knows? Maybe we can figure out how to tap into the energy of the spiritual realm and develop superhuman strength….Todo es posible :)
    Still… ‘a naked ghost’ is an hysterical image XD

    1. Or we could be in a scary movie as ghosts :D Por supuesto ^_^
      Did you read the Invisible Man by Wells? the image of the naked (to be effectively invisible) man was quite hilarious :-D

      1. To be honest, I haven’t read the original story by HG Wells, but I’ve seen or read so many reboots of the story, that I feel really familiar with the character. Perhaps it’s a good time of year to discover the source of something spooky. Speaking of which, do you celebrate Halloween? I can’t imagine celebrating Halloween in the spring :P

      2. In Peru Halloween is a popular party :-) I’m happy for that because parents walk with their children, there are disguises and candies. There is a celebration about music from the capital (their country) and I dislike it because usually people get drunk and violent so I’m happy that Halloween will stay forever :-)
        I don’t celebrate but I buy candies for the children that dare to knock my scary door :D
        Are you going to celebrate? I’d love to see if you have a disguise of pirate or nurse :)
        BTW, the invisible man is similar to the character of the movie “The league of extraordinary gentlemen”

      3. Yes! I’ve seen “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” several times…I just haven’t read the original story :)
        Disguises and candies! What’s not to love about Halloween? Although, I tend to enjoy the candy part more than the disguise part. But it’s interesting to read your thoughts on a suitable costume for myself….
        I think you’d make a much better pirate than me :)

      4. Well, I could give a try to Blackbeard XD
        I’ve seen it too several times, quite funny! and I read some of the comic books in which it is based, although they are a bit different, darker I’d say.

      5. Blackbeard – that’s awesome! Go for it!
        ….and be sure to post some photos:)

    1. Thank you, Caroline. Twilight sky in the desert :-) Actually I unsaturated a bit the photograph because the camera exaggerated the colors from the ones in my memory.

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