15 thoughts on “A stormy day inside

    1. It’s a point where the river meets the ocean. I think you would love to be there days discovering that rich little world. I saw so many kind of birds living there and tones of greens, blues and yellows; stones with reds, oranges, cyans…
      The man was there to practice a bit of scuba diving, so after a time he would see a world as I never seen.
      The whole world is a paradise, Montreal looks like the places in the tales I read when kid.

    1. The CEO of WordPress wrote me that it was so funny that broke the internet and they needed to delete it. Just kidding :D
      It’s possible there was a little problem in your browser or internet signal, I have checked the comments folder, the spam and the erased, there is nothing there. I’m so sorry :/ I hope it was not much but I remember it happened you another time in another blog we follow.

      1. Yes, but I didn’t say anything x rated! Never mind, what I did say is that I love the low point of view in your shot, and the blue of the sky and the sea. A beautiful peaceful place to rest the eyes upon.

      2. Of course I know you didn’t say nothing wrong, and even if that could happen I never would delete your comment, instead I’d try to argue or talk. My point is that probably the problem could be an unstable internet connection. Before to reply I double checked every folder of my comments tool and it’s the first time I receive a notification of a lost comment. I’m so sorry for the troubles -_-

      3. :/ There was a time when I lost comments because after hit the send button the web page used to crash, I know that can be quite uncomfortable. Hoping you’re having a nice day )))

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