17 thoughts on “Shadow in blue

    1. She’s you :-) just close your eyes and feel the air across your body, the heat of the sun at your right, see the world turning into a dimension of flowing lines, and your shadow as a eternal friend along you. I think we all have this kind of melancholy of an illusory past or perhaps a distant future where we can fly, but for know we always can dream.

  1. Earth loves the little wind from the wings and the short shadow-touch, feeling, there’s something else.
    A beautiful photo impressivly interpreted, Francis.
    Best wishes

    1. Always there are new things as are the eyes that see with other perspective, thanks for share yours, Ulli,
      Thanks very much for your kind compliment :-)
      Kind regards,

    1. If you would be a shadow you’d think in a certain kind of freedom in the 2D world, without know that your life is just an illusion from another being, that was what I was thinking :-)

      1. That’s what I thought! Of course, if you’re a shadow, then you have to follow the whim of whatever creature is making you.
        I just needed a bit of clarification….Hope that’s okay :)

  2. Francis, I think you sometimes.. somehow become every little thing in your photos, if not always. : ) You can be/come the shadow or.. its bird, even the air that bears it, the clouds and the sky, or the sunlight.. You seem to breathe them all in and out easily, letting them carry you, like in a dream. Only a more real one, and I wonder what dimension it may be, that magical flight like.. in the essence of things. ^_^

    1. I was thinking that time in the bonds we have with a person dear to us, in some way we feel to be one.
      When I see something, even before to take the camera (sometimes I even don’t use it) I forgot who I am and dress my mind with the object, animal or person I am seeing, now I am free to fly, and with you I fly in words and in your garden and your mornings, and I think I understand you a little more and appreciate your world so different to the mine ^_^

      1. “I forget who I am and dress my mind with the object, animal or person I am seeing, now I am free to fly..” I wonder if all this could be expressed any better. ^-^ Thank you, Francis, indeed we feel we can soar when we free our mind into the.. blue, be it in words, sounds, colors or shared moments. ^^

      2. Everything could be made better ^_^
        “Empty of me I am free to fly…” I think that would be more concise : D
        Thank you n_n

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