Memories of yore

I was thinking in this office, in this old objects how the objects we get with the time start to change into a museum of other days, with colors and shapes you can recognize as fashions of old years.


8 thoughts on “Memories of yore

  1. This photo is a wonderful play with the light, it’s perfect in image format with the lines and the strut and the red object in the middle.
    I think you photographed with your eye as an architect. It’s a perfect composition of mathematic and mood, Francis. I like it very much :-)
    Have a wonderful Friday,

  2. It looks like a neon orange pencil case – straight out of the eighties, with rounded off edges that were made so popular by Mr. Jobs and his new Apple computers.
    It was a time of plastic neon jewelry and giant hairdos….I remember it well :)

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually from the eighties. Although that age to me was without electricity and in adobe buildings more like the Old West, with guns and everything XD

      1. Yes, It’s kind of hard to have neon lights without electricity :P
        Lol- I don’t think that guns are confined to the old West. Just the other day, I gently scolded my grandfather for cleaning his pistol at the breakfast table XD
        Besos :)

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