Lord of the dressed dogs

Lord of the dressed dogs

I was taking a picture of the Pacific Ocean and suddenly a little dog got close to me barking and running. I saw upwards and there was this gentleman with dogs, every one of them dressed. At first I thought perhaps he was hired to watch them but the trust of the dogs on him makes me think that he’s the owner. I climbed the stairs and took a picture, they all seemed abstracted into the twilight landscape.

The photo was taken weeks ago when we were in winter and you, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, in summer. Coming from a place where always is cold to me the coast is quite hot even in winter so always I was surprised to see the people with jackets and even the dogs with clothes!

26 thoughts on “Lord of the dressed dogs

    1. Quite honored for your compliments kind lady ^_^, I appreciate you see it in that way but the truth is that it’s just a pic taken in the way to hot dogs and fried potatoes as dinner in the street with my compact camera. I think perhaps part of the charm is due to the exotic view to your eyes, what to me is just my country :-)

  1. Here I see more and more dressed dogs, too. Supposedly the animals have a problem if they are only held in the house and get no real winter pelt. –
    Your photo is fantastic with the magic scenario of light and silence on one side and the dynamic pacific on the other side. Like it :-)
    Greetings from grey, wet, foggy autumn :-)

    1. Thanks, Ulli. I understand better, usually in Peru dogs are trained to attack so I’m quite afraid of them. We have our native specie that usually are blacks without hair and with a blond crest. They’re fantastic.
      Greetings :-)

      1. hmmm, I don’t think so, although I’ve seen them with clothes in my city, but they have a higher temperature than the normal as an adaption. I’m Aymara and one of our characteristics as a race is also that we are almost hairless, we have a fine hair in the body (practically every girl from the coast or from a foreign country I knew, comparing our arms, I saw my hair is always finer) and I have a higher temperature in my body too, so in the highlands I use the normal amount of clothes you would use in spring, but in the coast simply I’m dying of heat even in winter, so while people was with wool jackets in the night under a rain I was eating an ice-cream with a light sweater as only protection.
        Great Friday too, Ulli, Thanks.

      2. Thank you for your patient explanation, Francis. Yes, in our ecological niche we are perfect. You remind me on Norway, when I’m dressed in “winterclothes” while the Norwegian wear T-Shirts. And when I wear T-Shirts in Portugal the Portugisian wear their winterclothes. Although the world is a village it’s still very different :-)
        Best wishes,

      3. Thank you, Francis. It’s very interesting. It’s evolution not culture. Nice dogs even hairless :-)
        Have a great week ahead, Francis

      4. Yes, it’s evolution, although it could be culture as well. Genetic manipulation was an obsession of our ancestors.
        Have a greet week as well, Ulli. Take care.

  2. Those white, frothy waves are gorgeous and contrast so nicely against the green of the grass. Gorgeous textures and colors, and the dogs in their dresses add whimsy to the scene! :)

  3. I wonder if even a nicely dressed dog would attack a passerby. Perhaps they’d be afraid to tear a hem or pop a seam.
    It’s a great photo, though :) I like the magical trees with sparks of light. Magical trees and doggies in dresses…What a strange, wonderful world you live in ;)

    1. Probably those dogs wouldn’t attack but caution and experience suggest to don’t trust so much, haha, it’s so funny thinking in them as afraid to tear their clothes XD, well, it’s better man and dogs dressed than man and dogs naked.
      The whole world is magical, if you would born here then Kansas to you would be the magical place.
      Smiles dear chimbotana ;-)

      1. Ah! Es un nombre!
        Yes, I remember seeing Chimbote on the map, but I stayed in Chiclayo :)

      2. Actually it’s juliaqueño (in Spanish there is no capitals for demonyms) but I prefer your version, it’s nicer, “juliaqueño¨ sounds like “pequeño¨ XP

  4. I like the story, the way your words take us with you in the moment…
    And what a feeling it must be to be sitting where he is, seeing the gentle swirl of the water on the rocks… and looking at the city lights in the distance. Quite an atmosphere. And this man, with his dogs, give it all its perspective. I’m watching the scene through his eyes…

    1. It’s a place where friends and couples like to stay. And above them in the trees black birds as well, even the trees seem to be watching the ocean.

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