City of lights

City of lights

Ilo city has the beauty of a flower in my opinion, it just has 50 000 persons and although it’s a port with so many fishermen the heart is in the mining company. One day the fabrics are going to be industrial skeletons but for know it’s a brilliant city.

22 thoughts on “City of lights

  1. Unbelievable.. I wish I were there.. and be able to see that with my own eyes. So much light! And it looks so warm, the orange skies, happy and sad at the very same time… :)

    1. It’s beautiful indeed, and very calmly, there aren’t almost no noise of the city and instead the waves of the sea crashing the shores (although some days some preachers want to yell :P)

    1. Thank you, Melissa ☺I needed the precise amount to get the lights of the city but not so much time than the fishermen couldn’t get blurred :P

    1. When kid one of the things I loved more was to see the cities in the night from the highway. They seemed to my mind lakes of fire in a black universe. In those times to travel in the highway was in complete darkness.
      Cities has a life, and naturally an end, but also there is hope that a new city can grow from the older one. Not in vain the civilization and some cities in Peru have thousands of years of existence.

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