Blue desert

Blue desert


Actually this is a sunset in the sea, but I played with the image until make it cold. Always when I see a lonely light it makes me think in a kind of theatre were we, the public, still are waiting for the actors to appear…

I’m using windows 8 and the internet browser is getting a bit annoying. It insists in crashing because I need to upgrade it, but in order to do that I need to upgrade first the Windows version, he. Well, instead I installed Opera. So far it looks pretty good and quite faster, although I miss the translation in the contextual menu and the horthographic correction, haha, just kidding, orthographic correction ;-)

15 thoughts on “Blue desert

    1. I like free software, but sadly some of my programs to design are Windows based, I’m tied. A time ago I suspected that Firefox was consuming so much resources of my computer so I opter for a almost basic Opera.
      Said that I didn’t know about Lubuntu, it looks quite well! thank you, Gilles. Great day there in the far France (y)

  1. This is a great shot and you did a really good work. I like the colour “blue” and your photo blue-white is a real alternative to black and white ;-)

    1. With the time I lost interest in black and white, although I’m going to try black and white film in a mediate future.
      Thanks for your kind commentary, Ulli. Kind regards,

  2. I would never have guessed that this was a picture taken of the sea. It does look like a darkened set with just a faint glow of a spotlight queueing an actor to come onstage.
    So sorry that you’re having computer problems. I hope that you get them all sorted so that you can be with us with as little aggravation as possible.
    Muchas smooches! :-)

    1. Precisely, it resembled so much like a set.
      Don’t worry, I’ll save for another computer. Things have a period and certainly this laptop have served me well, the least I can do is to care it and reduce the stress in it.
      Muchas smooches, Melissa ^_^

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