Shapes and shadows of Santa Catalina…

Come in, I'll show you the bluest world possible

Come in, I’ll show you the bluest world possible

Weeks ago I had published some photographs in film about this monastery in a visit with my friend Melissa (they say this monastery is the biggest on the world, probably because it certainly is a small city)

I process my photographs to match what I see and what I feel, sometimes I’m driven by a certain color or meaning, shooting at the same time with film helped me to understand better the colors. I hope you enjoy the trip.

Built with blocks of blue sky

Built with blocks of blue sky

Some of the buildings have a blue so intense that even the sky with its intense blue of the desert can appear almost invisible.

Sometimes a heart of flowers can be harder to break than a chain of iron

Sometimes a heart of flowers can be harder to break than a chain of iron

I wonder if that heart is product of a sensible gardener, or just product of my imagination…

Head portrait

Head portrait

There is a trend to use HDR techniques in photographs; put it in a quite simple, and unfair because it can get nice and natural images, way it’s a technique to get the most of details in shadows and highlights. But I love deep shadows, and under the sun of the desert in Santa Catalina the shadows are almost solid, turning the architecture in a sort of old watch pointing the path of time in the slow procession of the shadows.

feline eye

Feline eye

A city without windows

A city without windows

It’s a crowded place with tourists, as I was in that moment, but being a city covering a large area there are always moments of ancient silence, that language that the ashlars of volcanic origin whisper after the heat of the day.

The photographs were shot in July, in winter; the season in the desert means clean blue skies.

If the ashes could talk...

If the ashes could talk…

I love kitchens, they are the place where a home has the strongest amount of familiar memories, conversations, moments, true life.

A red color trying to cross the blue wall

A red color trying to cross the blue wall

The photograph lines below is a place I’ve taken before so it could be familiar to you. But what I can say, I like it a lot and certainly to me it would be a wonderful place to read or just simply rest to the warm of the afternoon.

Enjoy the light and take a sit

Enjoy the light and take a sit

volumes and shapes of santa catalina

Volumes and shapes of Santa Catalina

blue and white

Blue and white

And that’s all, in a certain way it’s a sort of street photography of a city whose life now endures in a little (although quite comfortable and modern) corner. Although that’s good, I think it was a sad destiny to be in such a beautiful place but not by choice but for the cruel rules of tradition. In colonial times rich families used to send one daughter to buy influence from church. Now fortunately seems that heaven doesn’t need money ;-)

Remembering a time when it had fire

Remembering a time when it had fire

21 thoughts on “Shapes and shadows of Santa Catalina…

  1. I am wowing every single photo, I love the gold place to sit and enjoy the light, but love those blue skies too. I used to be a HDR junkie, but have learned to love the shadows too, these are all gorgeous Francis, thanks for giving my eyes a treat :)

  2. I so enjoyed our trip to Santa Catalina, but it’s an equally wonderful experience getting to see it again through your eyes. You see so differently than I do! It’s great :)
    As the temperature here in the Midwest starts to drop, I’m happy to be reminded of a place where the intense sunshine warms even the coldest of winter days to something bearable.
    I know that you don’t like Arequipa, but I’ll remember it happily when the winter winds come and the snow starts to pile up outside.
    Abrazos y besos! :-)

    1. I enjoyed so much your side of the story :-) And I think you have wonderful compositions. In the end the only difference among our photographs is that I had more time to process them, you were in transit so that was a luxury.
      Hoping you find beauty in the winter, thanks, Melissa for your compliments :-)

  3. Beautiful. When I saw the first one, red as red, I almost had a childish scream come out of me…
    As for the beautiful room to read in, I completely agree with you. I would spend time there. Quiet time. But I would most probably want to change de picture on the wall.
    The picture of the ashes and the light above… it’s a strange feeling…
    All in all, they are absolutely full of beauty, as always.
    And you’re right about heaven.

    1. I’d change the picture on the wall, and to me it would be perfect with the light of Montreal, a composition of yours to think in a land with golden forests.
      World is always beautiful, it doesn’t matter if sometimes it’s a tough one, as I see in your own world ;-)

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