Climb up to the next level

Climb up to next level

This is the Cathedral of Ilo city, a part of it. When kid there were some computer games like that due the fat pixels of yore, everything seemed built with squared blocks, this image in particular made me think in Prince of Persia, I played first the second version and in school with the older machines the first one.

Despite the simpler rendering of the game there was so much sensuality in the colors, the shapes of the architecture and even the mission: to rescue a sexy princess. It was a shock to me to discover that the land of Persia is now the modern Iran, a place with so much culture but, according to the photographs shown by Iranians themselves, with an apparent lack to joy and sensuality. Who knows, as always happens perhaps the reality is different and still there are places for wild fantasy, and also is true that is easy to turn fantasy into prejudice so it’s unfair to ask reality to match fantasy.

11 thoughts on “Climb up to the next level

  1. Haha Francis you brought back great memories of my son and I trying to get through Prince of Persia back in days of yore, on my old computer, which I think was a Spectrum ZX. I couldn’t get past the first bit! You know Disney made a movie of it starring Jake Gyllenhall but I haven’t seen it. Your cathedral looks just like the scenery in the game. 😊

    1. Ha! in those times to know data it was needed to buy a PcWorld XD I tried to play another time another game called ¨Another World” but simply I was lost trying to guess what I had to do. I play mostly Spot still from that age :-)
      I didn’t know about the movie! (I guess it wasn’t very good then)

  2. I’ve never heard of ‘Prince of Persia’! I feel somewhat deprived…. The game of my childhood was Donkey Kong, which also involved rescuing a princess, but the game wasn’t sexy :P
    I think that when they insist that the women cover themselves completely, the people of the Persian culture leave too much to the imagination, and that can be just as dangerous as revealing too much.
    I try not to live too much in my imagination, but right now I’m imagining giving you a big hug!

    1. I saw Donkey Kong in Pixels movie, looks interesting :-)
      Actually more than the sensuality in women I think in architecture. Muslims had (have?) this prohibition to represent figures so their architecture in the golden age had a freedom in curves, those details in the windows, pillows, colors, etcetera. In the photographs I saw instead the buildings were more westernly formal and I couldn’t see much of the eastern taste I used to find in fantasies, so I guess it never existed in first place and it would be unfair to expect that from a complex society.
      Architecture places as Taj Mahal or the Alcázar of Cordoba have such sensuality (that not necessarily is related with sexuality, more with innuendo)
      A big hug towards you :-)

    1. It was designed by one of my professors at university. Arch. Edgardo Ramirez. He died time ago but he left several buildings in several places of the south of Peru.
      The colors are the soft sunset from the Pacific Ocean, it is the best moment to see it, the rest of the day it has no uch light.

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