23 thoughts on “Lake in Golden land

  1. This has to be my absolutely fave shot that you’ve posted. Beautiful tones, perfect composition and suffused with an emotion giving peace and tranquility. Awesome work Francis.

    1. Oh, my selfies (again) to the trash :'[ haha! just kidding!!!
      Thank you, fragglerocking :-) Although I’d love to say I set my tripod and used my graduated filters the truth is that I shot it from a bus in movement in the highway, I used just a polarizer to avoid the reflections in the window. In these cases you just can have the camera ready and shot like it was an arrow and in the bigger screen in home hope that it’s not quite blurred or out of focus…

    1. Thank you, Ulli. I needed to rise a bit the ISO, to choose a larger aperture and hold with calm the camera to get the image in a so dark environment.
      Greetings and thanks,

  2. Not many people have the ability to see this magical place, let alone take a photo of it. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

    1. Oh, but I care to sit in the window side, I remember your adventure with the lady in a bus in Ecuador, she was stubborn to sit in the window side to just sleep the whole trip! that happens a lot in Peru and Bolivia as well.
      You’re welcome and thank you ;-)

      1. Lol – I meant ‘see’ as in ‘able to observe’ not as in ‘get your head out of my shot’ :) I should learn to say that in Spanish.

      2. Oh, my bad actually XD you’re right. In part is because I travel alone, usually passengers are busy talking and seeing Fast and Furious CXXIV xP

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