C(l)ones war

Clones war

I was in the highway between Ilo and Tacna and saw this cones with their war paint in their faces (I see many things with eyes of imagination and pareidolia since my own eyes aren’t so good after all) and it was quite exciting to find one of the combinations I love more: blues with oranges. It triggers for some hidden and lost reason a kind of happiness on me.

We had left the cloudy Ilo and the sky was totally open, also the sea changes from the deep turquoise in Ilo’s shores to the intense blues in the south.

12 thoughts on “C(l)ones war

      1. I don’t know much about photography but in art I understand orange and blue are complementary colors so it is pleasant to the mind.

  1. The colours make the picture very much alive. Shortly after Halloween I see in the orange clones no war figures rather more fantasy characters, but too slim to be a pumpkin ;-)

    1. Thanks, Ulli. In my country there are an excessive number of celebrations and hollidays, so I opt to supress them from my memory. If not by your comment otherwise I couldn’t noticed the fantasy characters image so a big thanks ;-)

  2. There is something jolly about the blue/orange color combination. I’m tickled when I see a cute, fat pumpkin sitting on a hay bale with a true blue sky in the background :D I don’t know why…
    However, whenever I see construction/work zone indicators, I get headaches, even if they are bright orange in color and it’s a clear day. It’s probably because I drive so much :P
    Sonrisas :)

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