A road from the end of a river until the shores of a sea – Ilo city.

Silhouette framed by a wave in turquoise

Silhouette framed by a wave in turquoise

Ilo city has its river. The place where it ends to blend soft and silently into the sea is called ‘mouth of the river” and it’s plenty of life. Birds are used to paparazzi, fishermen or just walkers so they aren’t shy of cameras. This place makes me remember those old illustrations of the limits of the universe (our planet) where it’s a flat surface with the sea ending in a border and wooden ships falling from it…

Bird’s eye view
Life in the border of the sea

Life in the border of the universe

Those are some birds I had never seen, but my knowledge in birds is so poor that I don’t even know the name of the ones I already saw, except a pair as the Peruvian Pelican.

White king and soldiers

White king with soldiers

The exiled

the exiled

It’s part of the nature of human to tend to think in animals as beings with human desires, as proof there are several religious stories, myths and fables. I cannot avoid to imagine stories. I wonder if they pay us with the same coin, cats seems to think that we’re their pets…

Free to fly

free to fly

Under the bridge

I photographed this place in August, in our winter; but that day the sky was blue and sunny, a little summer. The only signal betraying the winter was the yellow grass.

bridge over the end of the river

Bridge over the end of the river

There were rocks for foundations around it, I guess they are going to make a park or something, I guess it’s forbidden to build an edification in a so sensible area for the species. But sometimes there are people that says is poor and need the space (and when they’re investigated usually have even two properties…)

Survivor trcrawling to  the water

Survivor crawling to the water

stoned crowd

Stoned crowd

Shores painted with dinosaur eggs of several colors. Every time I see a river of tranquil waters I think it’s a little Ganges.

Mirror in blue

Mirror in blue

I can scape!

I can escape!

River vanishing in a sea of light

River vanishing in a sea of light


So I walked the Ocean (not on it, along its shores I mean, otherwise I could start a new religion :P) That’s a story for another day but here there are some views just a meters close to the river:

Philosophical bottle

Philosophical bottle

Ship almost falling into the border of the world

Ship almost falling into the border of the world

Drinking an ocean

Drinking an ocean

59 thoughts on “A road from the end of a river until the shores of a sea – Ilo city.

    1. Thank you, Cindy. Pretty honored for your words, your photographs are epic, perhaps I was inspired by the African animals crossing the river in your publication a time ago ;-)

  1. Lovely photos, of course — I’ve learned to expect only those from you. I also loved the unexpected humor I found here with the “stoned crowd” and this made me laugh a lot: “So I walked the Ocean (not on it, along its shores I mean, otherwise I could start a new religion :P).”

    You are a talented delight, Francis! xo

  2. “Drinking an ocean”…words (+image) that leaves me without…words! I want to send me this picture on e-mail for my private collection! I was to put near to the “I don’t care, I’ll wait”!

      1. I got the picture! Thank you! Because of you, Peru no longer seems so distant. I already familiar with some things from there. I begin to understand the philosophy of life for an modern Aymara. A year ago, I did not even know well the meaning of the word “Aymara”! And Juliaca is a city, that I feel like I’ve already visited! :D

      2. Over five minutes, start UEFA Champions League . I chose to watch Bayern-Arsenal, on television and Chelsea-Dynamo Kiev, on steam online. If Chelsea not win, Mourinio could be dismissed for the first time in his career!

      3. WOW! with capitals! great matches, sadly I’m working with designs right now. Bayern and Arsenal sounds quite exciting as German and English football is quite competitive. I heard the dynamo before but I think Ukranian football isn’t in the top in Europe (I could be wrong of course)

      4. Bayern-Arsenal 1-0 Lewandowsky min.9! Real Madrid budget = 250.000.000 Euro/year, Dynamo Kyev budget = 100.000.000 Euro/year, Steaua Bucuresti budget = 10.000.000 Euro/year

      5. haha, there is good money in Europe XP! in Peru perhaps just two teams have the Romanian budget (but not capacity to fulfill it) It’s strange, with a so high budget I have heard about Dynamo but not in a special way, certainly far away of Bayern or Arsenal.

      6. Half time: Bayern-Arsenal 3-0, Chelsea-Dynamo 1-0. I found out that Neymar has signed a extension of contract with Barcelona for 500,000 Euros (1Euros=1.1US Dollars) on week, to not go to Manchester City !!!!! My Europe gone crazy, Francis!?

      7. Final: Bayern Arsenal 5-1. Remarkable fact: Roben was reserved; enter the field in min. 54; min. 54 and 30 seconds = Gooool Bayern !!! Who scored? … Of course Roben !!! Your “neighbor” Vidal, who was titular to Juventus Torino, to Bayern is only reserve. He played modest only the last 20 minutes! Arsenal…..??? What Arsenal…??? I did not see anything!!! In fact, I think I’ve seen for few times on Arsene Wenger, on the bench, but he was alone! Players from Arsenal, watched the match with spectators!!! :D
        Chelsea-Dynamo 2-1. Difficult victory in min. 84! The “Special One” is saved!!! :D
        It commented much about the situation of F.C. Barcelona. Catalunya has a local parliament, in which the majority was won by a party that wants separation from Spain. In case of secession, Barcelona will no longer participate in the Spanish Championship. It would be a tragedy! The great surprise is that France has offered to host Barcelona, as it has done with AS Monaco. Adios Real-Barca!? Bonjour PSG-Barca!? As I mentioned, my Europe gone grazy, Francis! I hope that your mountains with those “Apu”, are more stable than lands and “gods” of Europe!

      8. 5-1, wow, those Germans were for a bath of blood XD Roben is a great star.
        Well, what can I say; one time Spain dominated us against our will so I feel a certain solidarity with Catalunya. Even more I think this is not a patriotic question but one of money, if I’m not wrong they give a lot to the Spanish economy so it’s natural that they feel like they are in an unfair position. In Peru in those cases there is a special ammount of money that is give back to the region where there are production of gold, for example.
        Every time is a crazy time, I think.

  3. oh Francis, your sea is so blue. i only get to see Lake water.. not too much color usually how lovely. fantastic walk you did, love seeing the waters edge, you just never know what you’ll find

    1. The sea there has a turquoise tone that changes if one travels along the coast. I’d love to know why but certainly makes it special. It was a nice day to walk ☺

  4. Thank you for sharing an interesting thought-walk, Francis.
    It was a great pleasure going with you. I always admire the wonderful colors in Peru.
    Have a nice evening, Francis.

    1. Germany has so many colors in your posts, Ulli. Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes, hoping you are having a great day.

  5. I like the feeling of solitude in the top photo. I also like the photo ‘mirror in blue’ because of all the interesting stones just beneath the surface of the water. So many different colors, but they’re all being worn smooth because of the water’s flow to the sea.
    Have a great evening :)

    1. Thank you, Melissa. He was preparing to diving, a nice place indeed but it was luck because the following days it was cloudy as always is in winter.
      Is the title of the whole post well redacted? (A road from… until…) I have this doubt as if I had made a huge mistake :S And who better than a patient teacher as yourself ;-)

      1. The title is certainly not a mistake, but it will keep people guessing. I probably would have come up with a boring title like “The playground where the river mingles with the ocean”. Although that does sound a bit naughty.
        Truthfully speaking, we’ve all become accustomed to your ambiguous labels. In fact, we’ve embraced them as a part of numbering among your WordPress community. So, if you don’t mention any mistake, I’m sure it’ll just slip past :)

      2. hmm, a naughty playground :D
        “Ambigous labels” in part that’s good because I think is good that every person complete something with the imagination. Not everybody has time for that but is nice to see when somebody gives an interpretation.
        Thank you :-)

  6. oh francis, this is one of my favorite series of yours… they are very moving pictures… from the first one with the silhouette and then the stoned crowd and then the birds and all the others… truly touching.

    1. I’m happy you liked them, Caroline. Walking there to me was a discovering, and it almost looked like summer so it was fantastic.
      Said that I read your last publication, “Exilée” and it make me feel the same as the photograph I titled “The exiled.” a sort of… wintry loneliness.

  7. Ilo City.. must be heaven on earth. :) At least, it looks like it, the OCEAN photos are beyond.. blue. But not only those. In general, your photos are.. somehow special, Francis, they have a certain.. something, ..can’t say what, but they are.

    1. Thank you Nicol ^w^ But they are just photographs of an extraordinary place. I take them when I have to make a pause to lunch, or while walking back to continue to work. I think you feel the exoticness of my country. ;-)

      1. Exoticness.. now that’s a nice word. ^^ Sounds a lot like.. “uniqueness” and it makes me think of.. how special everything is. In fact, the way some things that are somehow ordinary to one person, are felt as extra-ordinary by another. For instance, your ..closeness to the ocean, which I must admit I “envy” you for. : )

      2. Maybe I’ll post some of the photos I took while travelling around the country, ..the mountains, for instance, but I’m afraid the quality of the images won’t be that.. high. ^^

      3. Haha, don’t worry about that. I don’t worry about that. My camera has less megapixels than a cell phone and is eleven years old :P
        If there is a secret is that I edit them until matching the photograph with what I saw, and that’s all. I almost don’t follow photographers, more people that love what they saw as yourself and express it in words and images. : )

      4. I’m so glad you’re saying this, you know.. I’m a little unsure about that ..quality issue in my photos. Yes, I have the exact same feeling, what I get on the computer screen doesn’t match what my eyes saw when I took the picture, so I really wish I knew how to.. edit. At least a little, I mean, not to make the image look unnatural.. ^-^ I really admire the fact that you seem to be so.. yourself about it (not following photographers, you said). :)

      5. At university there was a class of photography. It was an elective course. As I had no money for rolls (it had to be film to learn and not digital) I couldn’t take it. But it was more about using a machine than to save the moments you want to preserve, or the things you want to share. And very often I feel that with professional photographers, more than moments it seems more to get something to be sell and nothing more. Not all of them (Steve McCurry or Mario Testino for example) but enough to don’t be much interested in photograph.
        If your time and patience allow it I can give you tips to edit your photographs with free software so you can match to the images your eyes have seen. ^-^

      6. I’d like that, of course. ^^ Sure I can find the time and patience, why not. I’d love to get some useful tips, I’d really love that. ^.^ Maybe I’ll be able to put them to some good use (technically speaking I’m.. hm, what can I say, I think I have a lot to learn, my mind is for words ..more than numbers and data, but who knows). Thank you, Francis. ^-^

      7. My tips are just three little tips, I don’t like to spend time in front of a screen and I don’t want you to spend neither.
        You could send me an image or tell me one or two of your blog. I edit it and tell you what three things I did and in what measure I changed so you can do the same in your computer or even cell phone. And voilá!
        You’re always welcome Nicol (r^-^)r

      8. Okeyy, I think I can do that. From my blog, can you pick them yourself? One or two that you think really need editing, for instance? Or do I need to send them via mail? Maybe full size or something? If there is an email address in your avatar, I mean. I’ll go and have a look. Thank you again. This sounds like.. fun. And work, I guess. For me. (hihi.. another cute smiley face… ^^)

      9. Okey. Then I just need to know… Can you tell me the model of your camera or cell phone? And… Is it your mail the same I got notifacation? it’s a gmail addres. ^-^
        I send you there. I’ll do my best that it gets fun and not work : )

      10. My camera is a Nikon D3200 and my phone, Samsung GT I9000 (I think and I hope it’s correct :)) The Sky in the Grass – blue flowers were taken with the phone, if you click on them you can see the model, that’s where I went to take the ..numbers. :) And I couldn’t seem to be able to find your email address anywhere, it’s not in your gravatar. But mine yes, it’s gmail, doarnicol plus an extra “e” ^_^ Wow.. you’re already doing your best. And it already is fun. ^^ Thank you so much, Francis.

      11. Your welcome, Nicol. ^^ But your photographs are amazing. Actually perhaps is just the format of your blog, it’s made to highlight your words more than your photographs. A few minutes and it’s towards you, mine is guaromekano and the hotmail. I tell you because it use because sometimes it ends in the bin folder. xD

      12. Yes, I think I have an idea about that. I’ve been told I should have a separate blog for photos, maybe with a different background, black for instance, or anyway some different features. I have no idea how the theme of the blog (my theme is quite old I think) can influence the quality of the images, anyway. There must be something in the software, I suppose. :) And Francis, I’m sorry but I didn’t exactly understand what you said about your hotmail address and ..the bin folder. By the way, what does ..guaromekano stand for? Now I wonder if I should have already known that. ^-^

      13. Ready! I send you an e-mail. Sometimes when the mail is unknown your e-mail send it to the spam folder. If my message is not in your list of received messages then it has to be in the spam folder. : )
        Oh no! don’t make a different folder, it’s a pleasure to read your words and see your photographs, they shape a unity. The background color is a personal matter of taste, it’s not the theme that influence the photographs but the color background, I use an almost grey theme so the background is discrete and the words and photographs are more highlighted, others use a black background but I don’t like them it so much because it looks like see a photograph from a tunnel, I prefer openness.. I like your theme : )

      14. Your message is here, I was just re-reading it. :) Thank you, Francis. In fact I like my.. pinkish theme too, I wouldn’t part with it that easily. Hopefully, I’ll manage to do a better job with my photos from now on. ^^

      15. You are doing pretty well. : )
        As explained in the message there is no a right or wrong choice. Personally I like your photographs, and your design, it reflects the way you are. n_n But if my time with my photographs taught me something and it can help you for your photographs then I will happy to be there for you. As you see it took me just a few seconds, more time was to paste the original an my interpretation next to the other and send the mail. xD

      16. Yes, indeed, it takes you very little time to do all this, which we can’t say about me, that’s for sure. :) It will take me a little bit to get used to it. Of course I can really find everything that you’ve learnt about photography very useful, Francis. Took you just a few seconds, indeed. Your seconds, my minutes.. sorry about that. ^-^ Thank you so much for your patience. I suppose it’s my turn now, to do my best. I can’t wait to edit my first photo. Soon enough, I hope. :)

      17. Just don’t forget to have fun… if you feel that it’s hard then jusr remember that you take the photographs because something inside you asked for it. If it gets boring or time consuming then life is much more important. I learned across the years, it has don’t be perfect since the first day, and mainly, yours photos are already quite nice ^- ^

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