Dressed in shadows

dressed in shadows

This was shot with a roll of Ektar 100 film. It’s my favorite film ever! sadly it’s painful to process the negatives, I have to do it by myself and it’s quite hard to erase the scratches in the lab. It’s inevitable: few film users equals not skilled labs. I still have five rolls to process (two portra 160, one fuji pro 400h and a pair of consumer kodaks) but it’s so hard that if a robber would stole them secretely I would be grateful for free me of that heavy work XD

(And not, here ain’t scanners or skilled labs and I’m not crazy to send rolls to USA or UK from Peru so they can laugh about my photos and even worse ask a high price)

15 thoughts on “Dressed in shadows

    1. Thank you, Gilles. It’s a cultural difference :-) since the colony the catholic church punished to the whites imagination so in ther subconscious it’s a kind of sin. The only production of “cinema” “literatura” “painting” etcetera is usually copy of USA and Europe production. Every thing we, the natives, make is usually reason to laugh because, alas, we aren’t copying what is made in France so instead of art it’s seen as handcrafts.
      That’s one of the reasons I prefer to don’t write in Spanish (a foreign language anyway) and semi-hide my identity.
      Well, at least the laugh is something healthy XD

  1. very impressive to be able to process the negatives, and have such a great result. I don’t think anyone would find your photo’s funny, but it would be expensive to send the films to UK to process.

    1. In Peru, myself included, we have a black humour and also is truth that the society is quite utilitarian so if a photograph is not a snapshot of the grandsons with the grandparents it’s considered lost time, with the exception of people that receives European awards then magically he/she turns into an artist, LOL!
      So in labs there is always this punishment if your photos aren’t familiar portraits, this photograph would have seen as non-sense, I know because I saw the staff of several labs several times scratching their heads in disapproval, I don’t care their disapproval but also I don’t need their services so they cannot get my soles :P

  2. I love the geometry going on in this photo! It’s getting difficult to find a skilled processor in the US, too. Most major retailers have dropped the service, I’m afraid. But I know that you wouldn’t want to send them to the North to have them processed anyway.
    Who cares what people think of your photos?! I used to take rubbish photos when I was a kid and have them processed. The way I see it: it’s your camera, your film and your money, and anyone who doesn’t like it can sit on a tack ;)
    Sonrisas :) :-)

    1. Ken Rockwell suggest North Coast photographic services, they receive from every corner of the world, if one day you use film it could help you to get quality service http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/labs.htm :-) I wouldn’t want to send my rolls because with film it’s a bet to know if the photos went well, as nobody makes more film cameras (except some that are quite expensive as cars) they you don’t know if the camera is actually working. It’s a bet.

      Once I told you we Peruvian have a black humor, and that applies to our whole society, so it’s not so good idea to get involved people, usually it ends in a kind of fight as happened to me several times in life and a few times in labs. I have a black humor too but lastly I’m a bit tired to fight so the less people involved the better.
      Hoping you are having a great day when you read this ^^
      A big smile :-)

      1. It’s the end of my day, and it’s been a pretty good one. A big hug to you if you’re having a difficult time…and even if you’re having a great time :)

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