Freeway to dusk

Freeway to the dusk

This hill is in middle of the road that connects the sea with the highways. Sometimes I think it’s a huaca, temples made of adobe and rocks in the coast of Peru. They are so big that they are forgotten and thought to be natural hills until somebody notices the structures in them…

The oldest (known) ones are from the city of Caral, with five thousand years of antiquity, of course there are older places but they were towns and communities, not cities as Caral itself.

Huaca or no huaca it’s a special place in the highway.

21 thoughts on “Freeway to dusk

      1. haha! that would be fantastic! sadly there is place to try bombs so if I would go there the publication could end a bit explosive.
        It’s said that once years ago an UFO crashed in the deserts of the center but it was given to US government. What is logical, probably (if it happened) it was the prototype of a US ship.

  1. Your photo reminds me of a big eye with small lasers shooting out of it :)
    Have you been to Caral? I would love to go…Peru is such an amazing country. One could explore the natural and historical sites for years and still not see everything.
    A big hug from North America :-)

    1. That´s an interesting image, I hope the eye is firing to a villain :-D
      Yes, I’ve. That happened years ago way before I had any camera, but there are some photos around there, I’ll show you one of these days ;-) It was interesting but sadly a good part of the city is being restaured so is like somebody says “hey, it has five thousand years” but at the same time you see the people building the huacas… It’s fair of course, the rebuilt or new part is different to the older one.
      Our country is world class level awesome but IMO not at the same level of USA.
      Hugs and curious to know how it went the Mark Twain event :P!!

      1. Well, yes – they have to restore it so that it doesn’t look like great big piles of dirt.
        The Mark Twain event isn’t until the end of the month. I’ll let you know in December (If I even get to go ).
        I like to imagine that the eye is firing at cab drivers who overcharge foreigners! Ha ha! Make them suffer! :D

      2. Oh! so sorry! I misread and thought it was the Sunday…
        Well, bad for those taxi drivers (“are u talking to me”) we should be happy to treat well to foreigners ;-)

      1. That hill is private property (there is a wall in the perimeter), so I guess yes, if I’m not wrong it has devices of communication near the top.

      2. Oh, I need to make an aclaration. Those are not stairs, the silhouette in the profile of the hill, it’s a wall dividing the hill, it has a considerable height but withouth scale yes they could resemble stairs…

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