10 thoughts on “White cross

  1. A wonderful view from the window. Nothing disturbs.
    But to be sure he can’t see, I would reflect to relocate ;-)

    1. Yes, in little cities the nights are like that.
      There is no need to relocate, the cross is a tradition for westerners, we have other beliefs.
      Greetings and thanks,

  2. What are you doing there in the dark, Francis?
    Nevermind! It’s none of my business :) I know exactly how you feel, though. My grandmother has pictures of Jesus everywhere in the house (including the room where I sleep) and I feel like his eyes are following me :P Spooky!

    1. It’s the place in Ilo city where I work :-) I was returning from dinner and I was about to turn on the lights to work in the laptop and I noticed the cross and the lights in the cathedral so I took a pair of pictures :-)
      (It’s a photograph stitched with two vertical photographs)
      :O so Jesus is seeing you even when you sleep, better for him if he is caring for you ;-)

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