Toes playing into the sun

Toes playing into the sun

“Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.” This is the definition in Wikipedia, although I prefer to use my words I think it’s a good principle to start.

In the first image I see toes of a foot buried in the sand of a sunny beach in summer, a bit before the sunset… Can you see something? nop? let’s try some photographs more:

Robotic eyes

Robotic eyes

Eyes are powerful to me, I think in the object as a sort of robot head seeing me…

I think we all have degrees of pareidolia, usually my classmates (despite studying design) were blind to see any pattern, usually they couldn’t recall their dreams, and the few that could recall them also, like me, could see patterns in the shapes. It’s not a skill of course, it’s just a characteristic. But I know to the most of them it could be an empty post, don’t feel bad if you cannot see anything either: it’s normal.

Do(n't) smoke

Do(n’t) smoke

A cigar for the traveler :-)

Of course the less detailed the figure the more probable it’s going to have several interpretations. A book has many versions as it has readers, each one of them reading in a different way and building a different book.

Sleeping man

Sleeping man

This could be harder to spot: see in the hill upside, in the right corner of the green vegetation is a man resting seeing to you, with his lips closed, a nose and his two serious eyes closed, if you go to a bit for of the left of the triangle his hand is lying in his waist.

riddle of the sphinx

Riddle of the sphinx

The tombs near the feline hill and his/her rocky head seeing the clouds. It’s inevitable to think in the ones that died after being defeated in to resolve the riddle.

A satisfied face

A satisfied face

This face in blue should be easy. Nevertheless I noticed that people cannot seen images like these are better in social skills and practical decisions, actually I have zero interest in socializing (I get bored so quick) and mostly it seems I’m daydreaming, distracted seeing patterns…

giant wing family of six

Giant wing, family of six

It was fantastic to see that giant wing in the clouds behind those flying birds. A kind of platonic archetype.

fox head

Fox head

Profile portrait view of a little fox seeing across the leaves of a now extinct forest.

black brontosaurus

Black Brontosaurus

desires to touch

Desires to touch (published before)


:-) (published before)

snake's head

Snake’s head

I should create a rock band with the name “Snake’s head” XD

If Mars has its sphinx why not another one close to my home? although this has a broken nose, or perhaps it’s his/her portrait when died:

mars sphinx clone face

Mars Sphinx clone face

31 thoughts on “Pareidolia

    1. I mentioned it once in a reply to you, an you searched it. I remember well :-)
      I like your symbol; and yes, it’s a sort of pareidolia, when I was at high school I read in a Reader’s Digest about the first emoticons, this ” :-)” and this “;-)”

      I send you a big hug (>^_^)>
      Post-Data (these “>” are the arms :D)

  1. are you using film camera for these photos? Oh i just so in love with warm and vintage colours in your shoots!

    1. Hi dear hadorable :-)))) all these shots are with digital cameras. The colors actually are real, it just happens that some of them are from behind the windows of buses and those altere the hues of colors and increment the luminance :-)
      Nevertheless to get rid of the digital look I discovered to avoid noise reduction, so the photographs have a natural look.
      Hoping everything is well, thank you for coming ^^/

  2. Pareidolia: I learned a new word :)
    I did see the toes, but not the resting fellow. My favorite photo is certainly the family of six flying behind the giant wing. It’s quite metaphorical.
    Sonrisas! :-)

    1. I’ll post the resting fellow with more clarity :-) The sky with the giant wing is in Bolivia, in Tiahuanaco.
      Thank you for coming, Melissa. Sweet dreams (-_^)

  3. I saw them all, but the sleeping man eluded me, I’m going to look for him again though. I had not heard the word pareidolia so thank you for that. I liked the robot eyes so much, reminded me of a movie I liked a lot years ago.

    1. I think in two movies about the robotic eyes: “Wall-e” and “Short Circuit;” I liked both.
      I’ll post the photograph of the sleeping man with more clarity (in my) tonight ;-)

  4. Pareidolia again :-) I like the theme, Francis.
    It’s always interesting to see what people recognise in things.
    Besides the fox’s head, I see a little raccoons on the top left in the corner and a profile (nose, mouth and chin) with a cap on his head …
    Have a nice weekend ahead,

  5. Racoons are here since the middle of the 20th century. They are very adaptable. A friend of us lived in Kassel (Germany) and he told us, the racoons live in the city. As they are nocturnal, you can see them in deserted streets looking for food.
    Well, where I live, we have nutrias … Globalization also in the world of animals ;-)
    Have a great start in the new week, Francis.
    Best wishes,

  6. I did not know that their was a name for the experience. In high school, when I was making my Portfolio for Art School, I had these phenomena quite often. Usually in wood grain on a tree.

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