starting again

starting again

Why don’t start again?

Forget the whole past and reinvent the present… but that would be an illusion, life seems a circle so there would be the danger to come back again to the same point.

I was thinking in cycles. In the history of architecture is common to see a lot of “neo” architectures, romantic ideas to come back to an ideal past. For example the Big Ben in London is a neo-gothic building; the United States Capitol in Washington is neo-classical; as are the buildings of the former Soviet Union. I understand prince George (is a bit strange to me to call “prince” to somebody older than me) prefers the old architecture than the one honestly modern. I have noticed that too: riches and poors are quite attached emotionally to traditions and to the past, but after the turn of the millenium people I know of my age fall in trends as the hipster wave, the why is a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s a feeling that the future is unknown and they search protection in the (our) past.

I prefer the unknown, I was a kid in eighties and I didn’t like it xP

19 thoughts on “starting again

      1. Oh! actually I have just seen photographs of them an some of their words, I didn’t know they are brutal XD Well, a tranquil Klingon then ;-)

      2. Sweetie, you don’t look anything like a Klingon! :P Eres guapo :)
        Besides, I don’t think that tranquility is valued in Klingon culture. That’s like saying you’d be a tranquil Spartan….
        Just sayin’ – Have a good Friday the 13th :)

  1. Dear Francis, Thank you for saying things the way you do. I feel you open heart and it is precious…
    I think in terms of cycles a lot, you know. I think of my interior movements like that of the seasons and the sky and the trees… ^_^ Take care my friend.

    1. Yes! I noticed the cycles reading you across the seasons, I love your happiness in the warm seasons and your interior reflexiveness in the cold seasons, usually persons can be like a song played with an intrument but you are like a melody made of different tones and rhythms.
      Take care so much :-))))

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