Kicking the tree

Kicking the tree

Enough of the hate against trees, lel.

By the way, we (Peru) have the national flag with the same design as the one of Canada: red/white/red. Law requires us to raise the flag every independence day; I guess I need to buy another one for the next year, the one I use is so old that I’m afraid if I attempt to wash it I’m going to end with a pink flag.

31 thoughts on “Kicking the tree

  1. another coincidence…….you speak about your flag, francis……and, in paris, this night, our flag is also red but with blood………….. :-(

    1. Don’t surrender to terror malyloup. I know it’s hard what I say but I understand, in my childhood there were terrorists and we defeated them never giving up to live our lifes. Now more than ever I think hope is more needed, that times can change for better, that the red in the flag yes, is because blood, but that given to stand about what makes us humans. If I can do something for you I will do it.

      1. thank you, francis, for your words.
        We have to continue to tell our countries…….. it’s necessary to build the future by dreaming about it

    1. haha, good to read it :P
      I guess there is a fine if police discover it, but everybody is resting of the viking party from the previous night that I doubt somebody notices it. But I fly it anyway ;-)

      1. That’s not such a tragedy. Sadly enough, I could probably act it out for you :P

      2. I love the look on your ‘face’. Maybe I can post my version of ‘Independence Day’ on Youtube. It might go viral :)

      3. It wouldn’t be me – that’s why they call it acting. It’s just for pretend :)

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