Giant in the tiny port

Tomorrow I’ll  make a sunnier day in my photographs ;-)


21 thoughts on “Giant in the tiny port

    1. Thank you, hadorable :-) In this shot I used DxO filmpack, the trial version, hence the rendering… I would purchase it but it cannot read the raw files of my camera, I think they’re based in France.

      1. Hmmm….’sometimes it can turn into an obsession’ is an interesting statement. Is it like when you’re consumed to get just the right ratio of shadow to light, salty to sweet, or funny to serious?

      2. Ahhhh! Like when you want to be happy for someone who is breaking your heart by choosing another.

      3. Ohhhh, no, that’s so different :S I mean for example to take the table with one hand and feel the need to touch it with the other hand… Crazy things like that.

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