12 thoughts on “Human structures

    1. You’re welcome, Gilles. I’m architect, so we have similar fields… You are an artist as well, Gilles, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had more activities in your private life.

    1. I suggest that in revenge we should eat the plants first! 😋
      I read an article years ago, pyramids and Eiffel Tower seemed the more durable structures.

  1. I saw that same documentary about what happens to the planet after humans. It’s amazing that the first twenty years is complete chaos as the nuclear reactors blow up and the domesticated animals re-learn to be wild. Ultimately, it goes back to a tranquil setting with the occasional building crumbling to dust.
    I can also imagine an alien race visiting the planet after we’re gone and puzzling over some of the remaining structures. What would they think if they ever found playground equipment or an amusement park? They might think that they’re torture devices.
    It’s a fun thing to ponder…I’ll think about it when I’m driving back to Missouri today :)

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