The thirsty pastures waiting for the time of rains

The thirsty pastures waiting for the time of rains

Usually I hear music while working, but sometimes I get tired so I turn on the TV to have background noise. Days ago I was hearing a movie (eyes in the work) and after it there was a Colombian series of erotic stories, as I was concentrated in my drawings I let it be. The story was about an actress that one day decides to accept an offer to pose naked for a magazine. Then her family and her boyfriend decide to ban her from their lives; she suffers and nobody wants to hire her because the immorality to pose in the magazine. In the end she writes a book of four thousand pages to explain to the country that she feels regret for have posed. Then the boyfriend and family goes to say her that they forgive her…

It was so funny. I don’t know what is the guilt or sin in the body, and besides I think the most horrible in that story is the family that betrays their own blood, the boyfriend whose “image” is far more important than the love and support. The story is funny because Colombia has a great market of magazines with models, even some of their magazines are here in Peru and that’s great. In the end I couldn’t stop to laugh because the hostess of the program was a lady with a vast cleavage showing generous breasts…

But sadly there is something of reality in that program. I know some friends, male, in the cities that are more closer to the European traditions of middle ages, that consider a woman they want to marry a prostitute if she is not virgin, but they feel the obligation to get laid with several ladies (even when they are already married with the virgin) that they consider not suitable for a relationship because to them are just ladies to “use.” And the girls in those cities tend to choose those boys because they have the image of strength they are looking for, that’s one of the reasons I got disappointment about girls in those places and I prefer to be alone, to me a lady like that, from my native point of view is a weak person that has no dreams to fight for. It’s the way of their society in general of Latinos, in the case of natives those are quite uncomfortable traditions, we have an institution: the servinacuy, it’s a legal institution where a couple lives together, can have children and everything, but it’s considered a trial time before the marriage, because there is nothing more terrible than a man or woman get stuck in a life not meant to be. Sadly with the advance of westerners traditions some of them replace our healthy traditions, it’s true that some of those traditions have to disappear in this modern world, but the westerner world in Peru is one from the middle ages.

15 thoughts on “The thirsty pastures waiting for the time of rains

    1. Although is interesting to see that the middle age in Europe had several differences across the countries. So Spaniards were different to Englishmen. I guess due the break you had with the Catholicism so the culture you brought to USA was, I guess, an equalitarian puritanism of the pioneers. Instead here a kind of hierarchy of castes, even today church still has an influence in state so it wouldn’t be strange that Shakespeare could had been censored for the excess of fantasy.
      Said that not everything was wrong. My favorite book is one from the Middle Ages: The Divine Comedy.

  1. Good morning, Francis ~~ Happy Tuesday to you :)
    Actually, I read that before the church was established in Ireland, one of the traditions concerning marriage was a yearly evaluation of the match, followed by a legal split if it wasn’t working out. The church added the whole ‘Til death do us part’ bit. Considering how much people change, I wonder if that was such a good idea.
    Un abrazo grande!

    1. Good morning, Melissa. Thank you! hoping you are having a nice day :-)
      Probably that part of the marriage was introduced by visigods or other cultures that ruled the former Roman Empire, I’m sure there has to be some book out there about history of marriage traditions I could grab xp

      1. Life is too short my friend! Don’t worry about finding a book about the evolution of the marriage partnership/contract if you aren’t the least bit interested in the institution itself.
        I just brought it up because those traditions seemed similar to those you mentioned. It’s amazing that the “primitive” cultures can have more evolved ideas about how a man and woman live together.
        I got back to my fast internet in KC! :)
        Hooray :D
        Have a great night!

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