White wall

white wall


Felipillo means “lil’ Philip” Spaniards used in the beginning of their fanatic invasion those derogatory names instead our names, so they would say Juanillo (lil’ John) et al with their servants.

Felipillo is important because he was the first servant of the foreign invaders. A handy translator that they used to get in prison to the Inca and, afraid of a militar answer of our generals, lastly killing the Inca with ridiculous charges of idolatry (they had their gods, we had our beliefs) and polygamy (in Bible there are a lot of characters with several wives and Spaniards cared to do the same here); that was possible with the help of Felipillo that was also greedy and wanted one of the ñustas (princess) for him and perhaps felt that he would win a lot being a servant.

He didn’t win nothing. His name in Peru is now the term used for traitor. Pizarro, Hernandez and Almagro in Spain are heroes (and it’s right because they made heroic feats to the glory of Spain) but in Peru they are the worst according to our culture, thieves; the Spaniards that came from Spain are in Europe conquerors, in Peru they are invaders. But Felipillo appeared in a moment when to the laws of Spain we were even doubted to be human beings so I understand he’s not a hero, he’s nothing in their history, but in our history he appears like the maximum traitor.

Felipillo proves that the human nature is universal, in everybody there is the power to do anything, we weren’t a civilization of saints and Spaniards weren’t a civilization of bad people. I understand the most of them came from a background of poverty and despair, several of us were also greedy and allied to them; the invaders after a time would be punished by their king and would die in internal wars, the gold and silver that they stolen from us in the end would origin inflation in Spain and the consequent poverty, so the meeting would bring bad and good things for both sides. In my opinion the best they brought was the idea of pardon.

After my travels across my country I’m afraid that we are now a country of Felipillos, we betray our world, instead of making it evolve, we choose to sell us for a few coins from foreigners. Nothing is created or produced but imported. It’s like a kind of lack of self-steem. Walking the streets is a shock because no one of the cars was designed or even manufactured in the country, we are a dead country without soul. That’s the difference between a developed country from a modern one: the modern country can have machines, electronics or arts, but it depends of the production and thought outside said country, if the producers would negate to sell we simple would be recycling the cars until they break; instead a developed country has the capacity to design a car, and if it wants to manufacture it.

What makes it funnier is that foreigners come to my country to experience our culture in the belief that we are still authentic. They came and what they find is schools of yoga and Hindu philosophy…

39 thoughts on “White wall

  1. It is always interesting to hear about your culture Francis. Since your people has been through a lot, it needs a little indulgence and/or, as you call it, pardon. Thank you :)

    1. Yes, Sylvie. In our culture one of the foundations is the correspondence and balance, so a smile deserves a honest smile, but the downside is in case of violence people can answer with the same violence as well. Is because that I value so much the idea of pardon. I believe in Goethe’s spiral, times are progressively better so we aren’t going to go the bad sides of the past. ^_^

      1. Yes, it’s. I appreciate so much your observations about Canada and New Zealand, the books in English and the words that have another taste when they are said in French… you enrich them with your particular point of view.

  2. You contribute to the building of the Peruvian construction, brick by brick. Especially, you, Francis ! They are ridiculously small bricks. But, with time, patience, determination, the construction will grow.

  3. UEFA Champions League:
    Lyon-Gent 1-1 half time
    Arsenal-Dynamo Zagreb 2-0 half time
    Barca-Roma 3-0 (Suarez 15, Messi 18, Suarez 45) half time
    Porto-Dynamo Kiev 0-1 half time
    Maccabi-Chelsea 0-0 half time
    Bayern-Olympiakos 1-0 half time
    Bate Borisov-Leverkusen 1-1 final
    Zenith Sankt-Petersburg-Valencia 2-0 final

    1. The expected scores, although I would thought that the Valencia had more chances to get the victory. Probably Chelsea is going to score in the second half.

      1. Grupa E:
        BATE – Leverkusen 1-1 (Gordejchuk 2 / Mehmedi 68)
        Barcelona – AS Roma 6-1 (Suarez 15, 45, Messi 17, 60, Pique 56, Adriano 77 / Dzeko )
        Grupa F:
        Arsenal – Dinamo Zagreb 3-0 (Ozil 29, Alexis Sanchez 33, 69)
        Bayern – Olympiakos 4-0 (Douglas Costa 8, Lewandowski 16, T. Muller 20, Coman 70)
        Grupa G:
        Porto – Dinamo Kiev 0-2 (Yarmolenko 35, Gonzalez 64)
        Maccabi Tel-Aviv – Chelsea 0-4 (Cahill 21, Willian 73, Oscar 77, Baba Raman 90+1)
        Grupa H:
        Zenit – Valencia 2-0 (Shatov 15, Shatov 74)
        Lyon- Gent 1-2(Ferri 8 / Milicevic 32, Coulibaly 90+5)

        Just a miracle can stop Barca-Bayern in final!

      2. I’m sure the inclusion of Israel has to do with (I suppose) competitive teams, the same way Australia was moved to the Asian group so the could play with rivals of their level.
        Besides as the population of Israel comes from Europe (I understand genetically the pure Jews are the Palestinian people the changed their religion to Islam) I always saw them as an European country.

      3. From geographically point of view, Israel (Palestine) were not part from Europe. In terms of the football value, you should know that in the European competitions, participate teams from Gibraltar, San Marino, Andora, which are just a state cities, with a few thousand inhabitants. It is assumed that the Palestinians, who are some millions, could have a superior football. It is an example of what it means fairness, morality and justice in a Europe that claiming to be evolved, emancipated and democratic. All these values are replaced by interest, even in sport.

      4. They can be millions but aren’t in Europe nor have an European culture, and I don’t refer to their religion, for example Turkey to me seems a country with European culture. Also is true that number alone doesn’t meaa superiority in football. Peru has thirty millions of habitants and Chile has seventeen millions but they are far superior to us. Other countries have millions as well but their national sports are other ones so they don’t have good footbal teams (case of the most of Central America)
        Of course I value the independence of a country, I think Israel was imposed to Palestina, but at the same time I feel worried when I read news like the Palestinian in prison for declare in radio his posture as agnostic, or the weddings among old men with girls barely eleven years old. According to my culture justice is a two way road, they need justice and fairness but they also have to give justice and fairness.

      5. Half Time:
        Grupa A:
        Şahtior – Real Madrid 0-1 (Ronaldo 18)
        Malmo – PSG 0-2 (Rabiot 4, Di Maria 14)
        Grupa B:
        Manchester United – PSV 0-0
        ŢSKA Moscova – Wolfsburg 0-2 (Schurrle 67, 88) final
        Grupa C:
        Astana ( Kazakhstan ?!?!?)- Benfica 2-2 (Twumasi 19, Anicic 31 / Jimenez 41, 73) final
        Atletico Madrid – Galatasaray 1-0 (Griezzman 13)
        Grupa D:
        Juventus – Manchester City 1-0 (Mandzukic 18)
        Monchengladbach – Sevilla 1-0 (Stindl 29)

      6. Final:
        Grupa A:
        Şahtior – Real Madrid 3-4 (A. Teixeira pen. 74, 88, Dentinho 83 / Ronaldo 18, 70 Modric 50, Carvajal 52)
        Malmo – PSG 0-5 (Rabiot 4, Di Maria 14, 68, Ibrahimovic 50, Lucas Moura 82)
        Grupa B:
        Manchester United – PSV 0-0
        ŢSKA Moscova – Wolfsburg 0-2 (Schurrle 67, 88)
        Grupa C:
        Astana – Benfica 2-2 (Twumasi 19, Anicic 31 / Jimenez 41, 73)
        Atletico Madrid – Galatasaray 2-0 (Griezzman 13, 65)
        Grupa D:
        Juventus – Manchester City 1-0 (Mandzukic 18)
        Monchengladbach – Sevilla 4-2 (Stindl 29,83, F. Johnson 68, Raffael 78 / Vitolo 82, Banega pen. 90+1
        Best match: Şahtior – Real Madrid 3-4
        Best player: Ibrahimovic (PSG)
        To me is midnight, so I say good night, Francis! :D

  4. Very well written and interesting. About the authenticity of a nation, the same can be said about the UK really. We have pretty much no industry any longer, cars are not manufactured and sold here, computers… televisions… even lace, which used to be made in the town where I grew up. All closed. It’s sad, you’re right.

    1. That´s quite interesting and I always wonder why. For example UK photographers are among the most famous on the world, but their cameras are Japanese (although still there are Lee filters). Even once I bought a wonderful tie from an ebay shop in England, and when I received the tag said ¨made in Turkey¨ lol
      Despite that the number of patents and design still is one of the best among the world. I think I had would love to study architecture there.

      1. Ah well, a lot of the architecture is interesting, I’ll grant you that :) But all people seem to know about the UK is about London and it’s not necessarily typical of the rest of the countries. I think the answer as to why we import almost everything is that it is cheaper for wholesalers to buy in from abroad and sell it to consumers at an affordable price, industry died because it’s expensive to live here and far cheaper to pay someone else to do the hard labour when they live in a country where the cost of living is less (or the standard of living is lower, or both). I feel it’s unhelpful both to our native industries and those in other countries often, where their work and creativity should be valued more highly.

      2. Thanks for the explanation :-) Now that I think I think in UK more like a country of services: bank, insurance, management, design and works related to those fields. But I see it from my chair thousands and thousand of kilometers away, we don’t even share the same ocean XD I think my vision of UK is one idealized. From other point of view at least you are living in a healthier context, with the prices of China industries have a tough challenge to exist in several countries.
        In Peru we have the natural resources and cheap workforce to make our things without need to buy them but we lack better education, for engineering careers usually there are masters in business management :/

    1. That’s true. But UK it’s quite far of my budget, haha, I have no money for a budget :D. UK is one of the most expensive places on the world, and it seems there is already a lot of pressure of migrants I wouldn’t like to add.

      1. I pay my stuff :-) I already researched the requisites. Canada, Russia, Argentina and Japan are more realistic to me. But then again there is no reason to study at that level because the work in Peru is quite elemental and artisanal, we don’t use machines or anything complex.

      2. There are schools of woodland architecture here in Dorset & Scotland that study using the natural resources of woodlands in innovative architecture, no machines. 😊

  5. I was impressed by your post “Felipillo”! I understand perfectly your feelings, that you have determined to write this text. Like you, I live in a small country that has had to endure many aggressions along history. These aggressions were military , cultural and religious. The purpose is the destruction of national consciousness and ultimately, is assimilation. Until now, Romanian nation succeeded. Romanian nation remained a Latin island surrounded by peoples who have a totally different culture and language (Slavonic and Ugric). This situation is unique, in linguistic and cultural geography of the world. Of course in Romanian history, there have been many “Felipillos”. But never in the history of this country, I do not think that there were more “Felipillos”, as now. Before the European Union, Romania was one of the few countries in the world that make, its own cars (Dacia, Oltcit, Aro), trains, oceanic ships and airliners (Rombac). Now after eight years of EU integration, with help of the “Felipillos”, Romania does not produce anything; lost all the natural resources; sold 35% of agricultural land; three million Romanians (from 20 million, total population) have left the country and work abroad; public education and health are in relative collapse; Romanian soldiers die and consume huge resources in Afghanistan and Iraq, in wars that are not ours; today 30% of the population, speaks English correctly and incorrectly Romanian language; in this moment Romania is headed by “Felipillos” imposed from Brussels or Washington, which promotes corporate interests; Romanian cultural traditions, are replaced by imported traditions such as “Halloween,” “Valentine’s Day”, “Black Friday”, “Thanksgiving Day”. All these traditions import from overseas, were inspired by European traditions that are much older. They returned intro commercial form, which distorts the meaning of the tradition but have great success to “Felipillos”. Last summer I visited the relics of Saint Valentine, who was in a monastery, in Bulgaria (town Constantine And Elena; sometime I’ll make a post to this subject) and I met the legend that inspired “Valentine Day”. But no one knows the legend of Saint Valentine, who was replaced by “Valentine Day” from…New York. All these things could not happen without the help of “Felipillos”. I know very well what means “Felipillo”, dear Francis!
    I wrote these words because I want to understand that, though I am a European Union citizen, but not all Europeans are what you call “Westerners”. I was surprised to find that I have a mentality similar to you, that you’re an Aymara or Tejaswi that is an Indian, from thousands of kilometers away to me, than a German, French, English citizen, besides I living, because we have relative similar problems and we have enough discernment, to observe these issues.

    1. Yes, it seems we are living in a world that is changing to something unknown. Time ago I started to see people using formal Chinese costumes. I support universalism but when it’s just a copypaste from a dominant culture then it instead of make a richer culture ends just being a replacement of what define us for an empty shell.

  6. I’m always happy to read about your culture, even if it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.
    Just a reminder….every country has it’s problems, even in the best of times. Everything may look peachy keen in the US, but there are some big messes in this country.
    In the face of all the information and technology that is so readily available (in both countries), people lose sight of what is important. It is worrisome, but it’s not just Peru.
    Take care!

    1. I try to make judgments or critics without comparing. Even in in this reality Peru would be the “best” country in comparison to the others I still would feel the need to complaing about I think is wrong. Despite that I wouldn’t go to live in another country just because I think my country is bad, there are a lot of people that decide to migrate because they want easier money in a country with better economics but I would be ashamed to do that. What I try to don’t do is make judgements of other countries as I know them just by third hand.
      Good evening, Melissa :-)

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