Paolo et Francesa – escape from hell

Paolo et Francesca - scape from hell

Paolo and Francesca find a hole in the hell. They discover inside a tranquil blue sky and a colorful place to start again their love: hopefully they escape.

They fly a colorful city dreaming to touch each other with their wings. The colors start to melt inside the rotten shells, the sky burns and the shadows change their shapes into laughing beasts ripping Francesca with lupine tusks.

Paolo wakes up. He sees in silence the familiar whirlwind, there is no Francesca in it. He is alone.

7 thoughts on “Paolo et Francesa – escape from hell

    1. Actually the punishment of Paolo, in my tale, is precisely torturing games based in his hope. The photo, in the context of my story, is in one of those tortures.
      While there is hope he (because she is not there) then he is going to have suffering and punishment.

  1. Hope can be brutal can’t it?
    Unless it’s in the statement ‘I hope you have a good evening’….which I do :)

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