17 thoughts on “Flowers for the ocean

      1. Oh thank you, Francis. I always like the colours of your Photos and the wideness of your landscapes.

      2. The trick is simple, Ulli. I stitched two horizontal photographs to make a panoramic, much cheaper than using a wide angle filter XD

    1. It’s a more or less a common view in coastal cities here in Peru, so, as you are looking with the eyes of a person that lives another landscape I’m curious to know: Exactly what is the unusual :-)?

      1. In the north we have mangroves, forests growing inside the sea, so a big plant is poor in comparison to them :-)
        Along the Peruvian coast those gardens are common, and also I’ve seen them in the Chilean North, I think the unusual to me would be don’t see flowers.

      2. Thank you! These look natural to me, it is their habitat. It is just that a cultured plant seems unusual in such conditions – roots, osmosis, salty environment – things like that.

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