A hand waving a bye

A hand waving a bye


I was not sure about posting this photograph with the rest of the pareidolia theme. The cactus at the right in the foreground seems to me a hand, but the shape is so similar that I don’t think it’s pareidolia anymore but an analogy.

This sanctuary is old but always seems to be a living creature… sleeping, breathing. Its thoughts flying in the dense sky: prophecies blending with dreams in the mist.

24 thoughts on “A hand waving a bye

    1. Could be, there is tales of old men saying that around them is a treasure left by Francis Drake; is also told that decades ago a crazy (well, excentric because he was rich) man from Eastern Europe would explode with TNT several places in the desert trying to find it. He couldn’t.

  1. Plse delivery me a cactus! I need one in my apartment and it costs expensive!! When you have a field of cactus there! :((

      1. Im kidding! Just my wish when I see a field of cactus!! Here in Paris they ask for 160 euro and i dont think im interested in this price :]]

      2. Here they are sold in the streets for around one euro :-D I think for that low cost we could try it ;-)
        Hmmm, or I could export and you could sell them, win-win :-P

      3. Oh, dear friend… I’m so sorry… Today I went to the postal office and they say cactus cannot be send, just processed products. Now I understand why they are so expensive in France, here you just can go outside the city to get one in the nature with their flowers red and yellow, and the ornamental ones have almost zero cost in the streets. I guess it’s because laws to protect ecosystems and genetic resources.
        I’m so sorry, I wanted so much to give you one :'(

      4. Yes that’s why it cost expensive here in Paris, thank you so much dear for your kind and honest <3

      5. If someday a friend of you can take one I would like to send it to you :-/
        I’ll take photographs of them for you and will make a post in some days, still it’s sad to me… Thanks for your understanding, hadorable -_-‘
        A cactus for 160 euros here would cover a garden with gardener, chairs, a roof, and a tv D:

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