Light across the window

Light across the window

Rays of light breaking in flares…

When kid there was a manual translated from Japanese about photography, I had seven years old and I wouldn’t touch a camera until almost seventeen years after. Among other things the manual had a photograph of a sunstar in middle of a forest and with a lot of flare with a shaple like the flare in this photograph. It said, if I’m not wrong, that one had to be careful with lenses because bad lenses aren’t resistent to flares; and to me that was so weird because that photograph was the most beautiful I had seen until then. Of course those geometrical flares don’t exist in the reality, they have that shape because the mechanism of the iris of the lens, the most open (the smaller number) the aperture the rounder the unfocused elements, the quality of the shape of those unfocused elements is called bokeh.

13 thoughts on “Light across the window

  1. So the light, dreamy heptagons floating into your window are a result of the camera’s inability to handle flares? Interesting….It may not be what your eye is seeing, but it still makes for a cool effect :)

      1. That’s an interesting test. I never really thought about it…I’ll try it with my camera and my phone.
        Have a great day :)

      2. Sorry, no story…Just a gal running around taking photos with her first digital camera.
        I’ll try to make one up :)

  2. Funny how reading about the Japanese book and the picture you loved as a child made me think of the phrase that says something like “be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it”… in this case, the wish for a good lens..which would have given a flareless picture..which would not have appeared so beautiful to your eyes…

    1. Yes, it seems life is full of twists and, sadly, sometimes we got what we had wanted but in a way that’s not possible to have happiness with it.
      But I’m happy for the casualty that allowed you to find me *.*, your visit made me know you and I am quite happy for that. Wishing you a great day and a thank you for your time to visit me, I know it’s a busy season so it has a great value to me
      A big smile towards you ^_^

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