Toes playing into the sun

Toes playing into the sun

“Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.” This is the definition in Wikipedia, although I prefer to use my words I think it’s a good principle to start.

In the first image I see toes of a foot buried in the sand of a sunny beach in summer, a bit before the sunset… Can you see something? nop? let’s try some photographs more:

Robotic eyes

Robotic eyes

Eyes are powerful to me, I think in the object as a sort of robot head seeing me…

I think we all have degrees of pareidolia, usually my classmates (despite studying design) were blind to see any pattern, usually they couldn’t recall their dreams, and the few that could recall them also, like me, could see patterns in the shapes. It’s not a skill of course, it’s just a characteristic. But I know to the most of them it could be an empty post, don’t feel bad if you cannot see anything either: it’s normal.

Do(n't) smoke

Do(n’t) smoke

A cigar for the traveler :-)

Of course the less detailed the figure the more probable it’s going to have several interpretations. A book has many versions as it has readers, each one of them reading in a different way and building a different book.

Sleeping man

Sleeping man

This could be harder to spot: see in the hill upside, in the right corner of the green vegetation is a man resting seeing to you, with his lips closed, a nose and his two serious eyes closed, if you go to a bit for of the left of the triangle his hand is lying in his waist.

riddle of the sphinx

Riddle of the sphinx

The tombs near the feline hill and his/her rocky head seeing the clouds. It’s inevitable to think in the ones that died after being defeated in to resolve the riddle.

A satisfied face

A satisfied face

This face in blue should be easy. Nevertheless I noticed that people cannot seen images like these are better in social skills and practical decisions, actually I have zero interest in socializing (I get bored so quick) and mostly it seems I’m daydreaming, distracted seeing patterns…

giant wing family of six

Giant wing, family of six

It was fantastic to see that giant wing in the clouds behind those flying birds. A kind of platonic archetype.

fox head

Fox head

Profile portrait view of a little fox seeing across the leaves of a now extinct forest.

black brontosaurus

Black Brontosaurus

desires to touch

Desires to touch (published before)


:-) (published before)

snake's head

Snake’s head

I should create a rock band with the name “Snake’s head” XD

If Mars has its sphinx why not another one close to my home? although this has a broken nose, or perhaps it’s his/her portrait when died:

mars sphinx clone face

Mars Sphinx clone face

Freeway to dusk

Freeway to the dusk

This hill is in middle of the road that connects the sea with the highways. Sometimes I think it’s a huaca, temples made of adobe and rocks in the coast of Peru. They are so big that they are forgotten and thought to be natural hills until somebody notices the structures in them…

The oldest (known) ones are from the city of Caral, with five thousand years of antiquity, of course there are older places but they were towns and communities, not cities as Caral itself.

Huaca or no huaca it’s a special place in the highway.

Film vs Digital photographs – A little fight in 2015

Eclipse in red

Digital photograph: “Eclipse in red”

Fridays people usually go out so there are just a few visitors, and I suspect those visitors are from their smart phones in middle of a party. In any case I’ll take advantage of the day and I’ll publish an experiment I did in July: take the same image with a digital camera and a film camera.

mystic red

Film photograph: “Mystic red”

If you have visited Qhapaq before then probably you have seen the film version already. Nevertheless it coul be useful for somebody trying to have an opinion about the use of film cameras in this age of ones and zeros.

Against the wall

Digital photograph: “Against the wall”

a carpet made with a shadow a wall made with trees a sky made with red and a space in blue

A carpet made with a shadow, a wall made with trees, a sky made with red and a space in blue

The digital camera is my Sony R1, a 2005 camera with APS-C sensor (smaller than the 35mm film) and the film camera is my Samsung ECX-1 that if were digital today would be calle “Full Frame,” the roll was the fantastic Kodak Ektar 100. I “scanned” the negatives with my digital camera and processed both digital and film with RAW converters.

Butlers of blue uniform and white shoes (digital dream)

Digital photograph: “Butlers of blue uniform and white shoes (digital dream)”

butlers of blue uniforms and white shoes

Film photograph: “Butlers of blue uniforms and white shoes”

I processed first the negatives to get the maximum of the colors, and after a painful week I got to complete the task of process the 36 photographs. With digital I can process that same number in about two hours… Anyway, I processed the digital versions trying to match the colors the best I could without more modifications, being the exception the photographs “Butlers of blue uniforms…” because the film camera has a longer zoom so in the digital I had to crop to match the composition.

The calm in the afternoon of another century

Digital photograph: “The calm in the afternoon of another century”

chiaroscuro of savage with red skin and green crown

Film photograph: “Chiaroscuro of savage with red skin and green crown”

To get the most of the colorful roll of film I chose the monastery of Santa Catalina. Now seeing the photographs I see I choose mostly vertical compositions, viewfinders in film cameras usually don’t cover the total of the captured image so the little differences.

In any case I want to prove that digital photography is not soulless as some film photographers like to write; and film is not incapable as some digital photographers are tempted to think, it can be inconvenient but still quite capable to expres a message. The soul is in the person that compose and the capability is in the personal skill; otherwise there is no a person sensible to the world having fun but a camera tester stressing about digital noise or scratches on film negatives.

Dressed in shadows

dressed in shadows

This was shot with a roll of Ektar 100 film. It’s my favorite film ever! sadly it’s painful to process the negatives, I have to do it by myself and it’s quite hard to erase the scratches in the lab. It’s inevitable: few film users equals not skilled labs. I still have five rolls to process (two portra 160, one fuji pro 400h and a pair of consumer kodaks) but it’s so hard that if a robber would stole them secretely I would be grateful for free me of that heavy work XD

(And not, here ain’t scanners or skilled labs and I’m not crazy to send rolls to USA or UK from Peru so they can laugh about my photos and even worse ask a high price)

A road from the end of a river until the shores of a sea – Ilo city.

Silhouette framed by a wave in turquoise

Silhouette framed by a wave in turquoise

Ilo city has its river. The place where it ends to blend soft and silently into the sea is called ‘mouth of the river” and it’s plenty of life. Birds are used to paparazzi, fishermen or just walkers so they aren’t shy of cameras. This place makes me remember those old illustrations of the limits of the universe (our planet) where it’s a flat surface with the sea ending in a border and wooden ships falling from it…

Bird’s eye view
Life in the border of the sea

Life in the border of the universe

Those are some birds I had never seen, but my knowledge in birds is so poor that I don’t even know the name of the ones I already saw, except a pair as the Peruvian Pelican.

White king and soldiers

White king with soldiers

The exiled

the exiled

It’s part of the nature of human to tend to think in animals as beings with human desires, as proof there are several religious stories, myths and fables. I cannot avoid to imagine stories. I wonder if they pay us with the same coin, cats seems to think that we’re their pets…

Free to fly

free to fly

Under the bridge

I photographed this place in August, in our winter; but that day the sky was blue and sunny, a little summer. The only signal betraying the winter was the yellow grass.

bridge over the end of the river

Bridge over the end of the river

There were rocks for foundations around it, I guess they are going to make a park or something, I guess it’s forbidden to build an edification in a so sensible area for the species. But sometimes there are people that says is poor and need the space (and when they’re investigated usually have even two properties…)

Survivor trcrawling to  the water

Survivor crawling to the water

stoned crowd

Stoned crowd

Shores painted with dinosaur eggs of several colors. Every time I see a river of tranquil waters I think it’s a little Ganges.

Mirror in blue

Mirror in blue

I can scape!

I can escape!

River vanishing in a sea of light

River vanishing in a sea of light


So I walked the Ocean (not on it, along its shores I mean, otherwise I could start a new religion :P) That’s a story for another day but here there are some views just a meters close to the river:

Philosophical bottle

Philosophical bottle

Ship almost falling into the border of the world

Ship almost falling into the border of the world

Drinking an ocean

Drinking an ocean

C(l)ones war

Clones war

I was in the highway between Ilo and Tacna and saw this cones with their war paint in their faces (I see many things with eyes of imagination and pareidolia since my own eyes aren’t so good after all) and it was quite exciting to find one of the combinations I love more: blues with oranges. It triggers for some hidden and lost reason a kind of happiness on me.

We had left the cloudy Ilo and the sky was totally open, also the sea changes from the deep turquoise in Ilo’s shores to the intense blues in the south.