I’ll stand here

I´ll stand here

I check regularly the spam folder of messages. Usually they are about spambots offering SEO tools to improve the traffic. I’m not worried about the popularity of this space, anybody is invited to see, and anybody that decides to leave is free to go with a warm thanks for his/her visit. I don’t want to leave forests of “likes” in thousands of blogs to receive more likes, once I considered to hide that option but according to our culture that would be unpolite, be capable to leave likes but don’t let to others to have that option; I don’t want to leave false commentaries just to add trafic to my page: I don’t want to post images or write things I don’t like just to catch the attention of others; I don’t want sponsors to… er? ehem!, well, actually that would be nice xD, but I seldom buy things so I think that’s not possible.

I prefer to stand here.

24 thoughts on “I’ll stand here

    1. Yes, it is quite clear! the sea is marvelous there, makes me think in the spell of a wizard. Said that my polarizer helped to reduce the reflections on the water surface…

  1. Ouch, that sounded almost personally addressed to me hahaha.. nah, just kidding.. not been around, Francis.. hope you are well.. sorry about the long disappearance… :)

  2. Thanks for you candor, Francis….especially the bit about accepting sponsors. I think that we would all accept a bit of money if it were freely offered. I wouldn’t want to request it, though.
    I hope you won’t think less of me, though, if I were to offer a product or writing service through my blog.
    Un abrazo de oso! :)

    1. Of course I (w)ouldn’t think less of you, your articles require an investment in resources that it would be wrong to thing a system as a contribution/subscription/donation would be unfair.
      Otro abrazo de oso de regreso! :-)

      1. Thank you…though, I wouldn’t charge for a subscription. I was thinking of writing a few informational/entertaining ebooks and charging a dollar or two for them :)
        Remind me to give you a quick lesson on the difference between the words ‘could’ and ‘would’. :) Love ya!

      2. “Invite me a cup of tea” ☺ I’m so sorry, I am a bit with work so I’m doing mistakes in reading and writing :S But I’d love that lesson. Love ya ;-)

      3. hehe well, I was mentioning the usual phrase used in blogs to the link of store or donations, but the date sounds great :P! Besos :-)

    1. She was fascinated in touching the sea, waiting for the waves to get the shore and feel it with her palm. That was a sunny day in winter so I guess she hadn’t see the sea in a long time of cloudy days.

    1. Hello dear Inese. I am happy to see you ^_^ my laptop and tablet are not working. I am afraid I am more isolated from the internet as my payments to the bank avoid me to repair them. I’m using an old cell phone that requires many tries to reply, but the effort is worth it for you : ) thank you for coming, best wishes n_n

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