Yesterday there was no post… I was the whole day in a construction and at the end of the day it was a celebration with cigarettes and beer. I don’t like neither, but it was needed because the tradition in Peru and Bolivia to celebrate with the workers the finishing of a roof. Anyway, better to post know with a clear mind than one with booze.

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    1. Oh, it would be funny if we had mixed our traditions with Scottish and Irish way (according to TV) to drink a lot… next time I’m going to send a representive :D

      1. There is a trend to publish just sensationalism stories so I don’t see so many news. Instead I’m happy to know you because you ^^

    1. Hi Mélanita :-) I feel much better, and I hope you are well too ^^

      That’s a great news for our country, our complicated topography and management of resources are going to be very imporved; and I didn´t know Airbus the fact that Airbus is so important in the space business. that detail would make me desire to visit Toulouse even more :-)

      Ollanta is a Peruvian native name, and I’m sure he met a great person, and high profile professional, in your husband :-)

      1. I did mention once upon a time that Toulouse is the European capital of space and aviation aka Airbus City and “la ville rose-brique”…:-)
        * * *
        my beloved hubby is a rocket and satellite scientist, optimistic and positive, reserved and meek, kinda “Renaissance man”… his intellectual universe is infinitely and completely superior to mine – since it’s large, solid, diverse… he looks at everything in perspective, and he often invites me into his world… in spite of our differences, we share the same common interest in several topics: reading, sports, traveling, art, rock’n roll, ideas, cinema, good restaurants, present time(s)… well, we could translate this in all languages:”to love someone and to get along with him…” last but not least: I’m extremely proud of him…:-)

      2. Of course I remember and that your life had been closer to space also in USA ;-) But today was the first time I read technical data, referred to the satellite, and it is absolutely amazing!

        I knew as a talented and sensible woman your partner in life would be an extraordinary person too. And I was not wrong, both of you are fortunate to have each other :-)

      3. I strongly believe in personal choices and mutual decisions, not in “fortune” or “luck”…;-) guess what: my hubby speaks Romanian fluently(and writes it, of course!) – it’s my mother tongue and he learned it just to please me, even though he didn’t need to… oh, he’s also fluent in Spanish, as he was the main “electrician”(LOL) of the 1st Spanish communication satellite, and he had to spend some time in Madrid & Sévilla(@ the control centers); Hispasat-1 covers the Americas, Europe and North Africa, launched by Ariane 4 rocket from Kourou, French Guiana Space Centre… the Spaniards were so happy with Hispasat-1, and they ordered another one, olé!:-) and @ NASA-Houston he’s been the avionics architect of the X-38 program: the lifeboat for the ISS(International Space Station): well, he’s known to be a skilful & competent “electrician”! his motto may be:”Fiat lux!” = let there be light!:-)))
        * * *
        P.S. I wrote about choices & decisions here:

      4. I think luck is the skill to take advantage of opportunities, I don’t define it as a superstition; and fortune as a way to be grateful with what we have. In any case I was happy and grateful to read again your thoughts about decisions ^_^
        Wow, your husband certainly is writing his life in the history. At least I give much more importance to progress in science and arts than politics. The X-38 program is quite beautiful…
        But among his achievements the one that is more amazing to me is to have learned to speak and write Romanian! to me actions are far more true than words.
        Take care so much Mélanita, I feel honored you share these parts of you with me ^_^

      5. muchas gracias por todo, FR… my hubby is light-years away from politics… it was easy for him to learn Romanian since it’s a Latin language, like French, Spanish & Italian – same (difficult!) grammar and common vocabulary…:-)
        * * *
        I’ve shared all this “stuff” with you ’cause this is my real life, I have nothing to hide or to prove – as simple as that…:-)

  1. I have heard they do something like that after a barn has been built here Francis , a Hugh party is had in the new barn, a sort of christening ;) . Beautiful seascape

  2. I agree with Poet Rummager! A Qhapaq post under the influence would have been most interesting.
    Congratulations on completing your project!
    Besos :)

  3. It’s an old tradition in Germany, too. We call it topping-out ceremony (Richtfest), Francis.
    The wonderful wave cleaned the brain ;-)

    1. That’s great, Ulli. We have some cultural simmilarities. In the Peruvian case this includes a payment to the Earth, the ceremony is called Challaqui.
      Yes, the brain is better XP! thank you.

      1. When a house is build we immure bread and salt. A payment to Earth is a wonderful idea, Francis.
        Best wishes,

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