26 thoughts on “Trying to catch a piece of knowledge in the vast sea

  1. The photo and title make me think of trying to find a piece of valid information on the internet. Sometimes you think that you have a promising lead, but, in reality, you’re just reeling in a piece of rubbish.
    It is a lovely photo, though. I like the composition :)

    1. And the worst is when you are trying to catch valid information instead you end with a pop-up or a message of “if you want to read more pay a monthly fee” :D
      Thank you, Melissa ^^

      1. Ooooh! That monthly fee one is horrible, but what’s even worse is when you get pop-ups for ‘Sexy Asian Singles’ or scantily clad women. (But, then again, you’re a guy)
        It’s one of the reasons I stopped messing with torrents. Sheesh!

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