First line of defense

first line of defense

I think this place is like the ones seen in dreams… perhaps is one of those intermediate zones, where dream blends with reality; suddenly Sir Francis Drake could appear there to rest in middle of his way to Panama, and we would discuss about the coincidence to have the same name (I’m not Francisco but Francis) and after that he would return to his ship in the past (or present) and I would walk to the city in the present (or future)…

The Humboldt stream brings water  from the Antarctic sea, I’d like to think that that’s the reason the ocean there has those fantastic colors.


Also I love that the rock seems an open mouth like this “:v” lol

19 thoughts on “First line of defense

    1. Actually the photo was shot in winter a few months ago. Now the heat is quite strong! But after your travel to Galapagos I know for sure you know how warm it can be :-)

      1. Actually, I didn’t sweat that much in the Galapagos. The wind was always refreshing. I can’t say the same for my time in Utah… never been that hot in my whole life ;-)

  1. That rock has probably been around since the time of Sir Francis Drake, even before. It looks quite weather-worn and ancient. The ‘expression’ on its rock ‘face’ is quite appropriate: if I were being hit with waters from the Arctic ocean, I would be wearing the same expression.
    You’re right, though – the blue is intense :)

    1. Ît’s even more beautiful, Caroline. I think the blue is because a tradition of security, whatever the reason painters love those boats of pure blue.
      You would be amazed if you could be there :-)

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