14 thoughts on “Wings trying to catch an errant satellite

  1. Not this morning, thank you. I have just spent the last 15 hours drinking with people…. so yes, it looks like me afterwards with a hangover :D… fuming hair… and dead blue skin :D Thanks for not putting my pic below emanating those wisps.. hahaha

    1. Oh, but with the blue skin you could say that you’re almost a god :D Sounds like a lot of fun, I am so sorry to say that I’m weak and my strenght of viking died at university parties…

    1. ha! I can see him/her now XD! I guess when the light bug is going to land in her nose the figure is going to resemble the “skrik” by Munch.
      Thanks for the laugh, Caroline. I usually think in the moon with melancholy but this time I´ll do with a smile.

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