Before the fury

before the fury

Before the fury of the night…

It’s in Imata at 3930 meters of altitude (12 893 ft). The night has claws of ice biting your flesh, if you know the nature and respect it then you know that you have to walk faster before the darkness…

But also there is a poetic beauty in crossing the highlands in the dark knowing that every step is a fight to live.

32 thoughts on “Before the fury

    1. Of course! it’s just two hours away of the city where I born and grew up, and the little city of Imata is just a few minutes walking of that point…
      Darwin mentions the work of Doctor Huxley, about his studies in our race (Qhechuas and Aymaras) he determined that we adapted to the high altitude with bigger lungs and a higher account of red blood cells so the life there is not difficult.
      Despite I took the photo in winter I was using just my jean and light clothes, instead tourists from other countries would need even the support of oxygen cans.

      1. It looks a bit hostile ;-) It must be difficult to have a vegetable garden. Is it possible ?

        A lot of sportman go to these countries to increase their blood cells size and increase their performance. I’ve read that about cyclists one day.

      2. Yes, in the garden of my parents there are gazanias, calendulas and roses among other flowers… This is in a city more or less at the same altitude
        It’s not hostile to me in any case, I know where and what to eat there, instead I cannot tolerate very well the heat in the coast XP
        I haven’t seen sportmen practicing there but when there are competitions they go first to cities at 2000 meters of altitude to get used to our high altitude .

      1. I don’t know, to me not at least. But it’s meaningful because in your country there are crowds of landscape photographers, instead in my country people seldom visit other places and when they do they visit the same spots as tourists… So to me is meaningful that there are so many beautiful places but nobody with desires to see them, except me perhaps.

      2. And all of us who follow your blog. It is so difficult and expensive for most of us to travel to your landscapes, so we must rely on you to show us this beauty, and you do that so well. I travel through your eyes and am glad for that.

  1. I can feel the ichu crunching under my feet.
    I never would have guessed that the temperature would change so drastically from day to night….
    The tour operators in Arequipa did offer trips up to this place (as well as the salt lake), but it was super-expensive because they used four-wheel drive vehicles and they offered cans of oxygen.
    Un abrazo de oso!

    1. That happens in deserts so better to be in a hurry before the night, or to find somebody warm to hug ;-)
      I remember that time, I guess we could made Ilo as well :P
      Un abrazo de oso también para mi señorita en Missouri ^^

    1. It’s… beautiful. There is nobody else in the world and you are so big as the nature you feel with your feet. Every step is made with the intention to live because you cannot spot nor distract… Behind so many things we could consider important are just a distant illusion…

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