Orbit of wooden asteroid across the deep blue space

Flying with my Sputnik to the space. Would you like to come with me…?


26 thoughts on “Orbit of wooden asteroid across the deep blue space

    1. I shot it with a film camera, I’m happy to have get it \^_^/
      I always say to the ladies that we, men, never mature, we just get to be older children (I say it as a caution when they tell me to have met a mature gentleman) so always I’m thinking in objects as a kid, with rockets, toys, and everything XD
      I’m glad you liked it, Caroline. Thanks for visiting me ^_^

  1. A great composition for a forgotten clothespin, Francis.
    It’s always the point of view and the fantasy that makes things worthful. I like it :-)
    Have a great weekend,

      1. I love your style, because I don’t notice the editing, but I just simply see the story and composition in your photographs :-)
        I cannot justify to spend in Photoshop, and my photography is quite simple, I use physical filters as polarizers and graduated neutral density filters so my digital photography doesn’t look digital. I use instead a raw converter called Photo Ninja, to minimal corrections and to turn off the noise reduction. This negative was “scanned” with my digital camera for example.

      2. I use my editing to highlight the story, not to make an impression – it is why it doesn’t stand out :) I am not a landscape photographer like you, and mostly I use a polarizer, and when I fancy a slow shutter I might use a stopper. I use hand-made stuff too :)

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