15 thoughts on “Sideral Smile

  1. Very likely Venus. We had the same coincidence here last week. And the Moon with a lower crescent shows that the picture was taken not far from the equator. A very quiet smile to start with, Francis ! Many thanks !

    1. Thank you for share your knowledge, Gilles. Although I have to add that I took the picture the July 19th. I’m happy you can see the same sky. Venus in the sky…

    1. hehe, no, I drink mulled wine with honey to get better when the flu attacks. Someday I could do it…
      Thank you for your compliment, Ulli. Take care,

    1. Thank you very much kind lady. Sorry for the delay in reply. Some comments doesn’t appear in my notification system so I’m searching manually :( And there is no option to “like” comments that doesn’t appear… Thank you for your visit :-)

    1. Hello Caroline :-)
      Usually I wait for the moment to read you and reply you with patience. I’m always so happy to read you. Sadly there is a bug in WordPress, some of the comments get unnoticed (not commenters) and reviewing I see as a (beautiful) surprise in your words.
      Sadly I don’t know how the moon looks near the poles. I would love to think that you can see the same beauty that I see here… The same moon for everyboy of us…

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