Mythology from a time long long ago

Mythology from times ago

There was an old civilization here, in the coast near Ilo city in the Peruvian south. Those ancient people cared this specific place as a sacred soil. Usually our myths in Peru are similar so I can imagine the white island (I think it’s an island) as a visitor from distant worlds, or a woman cheated by a lord of power that in her despair was received by the sea and turned in that way to never been forgotten.

The civilization disappeared thousands of years ago but even now the place exerts a fascination, a charm, in me as well…

14 thoughts on “Mythology from a time long long ago

    1. Thank you, Gilles. It’s a common tradition in the Peruvian mythology. Also it could be related with the moon. I’m going to research more.
      Hoping you have a great new week, Gilles.

  1. She just clings to the arid coastline of Peru, perhaps hoping to be invited back into the country…
    I like how the golden color of the sand accentuates the turquoise blue of the water.
    Abrazos y besos :)

    1. I’m happy you see our country in that way, Julie ^_^ Our oldest city started five thousand of years ago. So we have a rich history, but we need to work to get a better present. Thanks for you visit, I wish you great holidays :-)

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