Lost in blue

Lost in blue

I used to wonder if I could travel the life knowing everything, not just to be the passenger of an evanescent dream.

The truth is we are shoot like an arrow towards an almost set destiny and destination without neither hideouts nor stops.

Maybe would be better just to close the eyes and just to dream and just to forget we crossed the mirage of an infinite turquoise.

Towards the end of the solitary flight the only companion is a flickering shadow, fragile and ignorant of its own irreality.

23 thoughts on “Lost in blue

    1. I replied yesterday… It seems there is a glitch in WordPress :S Thanks Sylvie for your words… I imagine you with universes of thoughts and poems when you close your eyes ^_^

  1. Sounds like something written by Richard Bach :D

    But I agree, we are victims/beneficiaries of our own destinies. In our arrogance we seek to change that destiny and Destiny beats us each time, makes us a little more humble and probably shows us how ignorant we really are. That said, :D I shall always try to make my own destiny. Without that, what am I? (Oh, I know, I know, our Upanishads speak of subsuming the self, the Aham, so that in the end there is no I, me … just oneness with the universe etc. Let us leave that to my soul, eh? When I am alive, let me try to keep the illusion that I mean something, that I am somebody and will do something, hehe)…

    1. I don’t think Richard Bach could write that, mostly I think it would be worthy to be in your parody of internet poets XD
      Perhaps I’m not so positive today and nothing else…
      Quite interesting about the thoughts of India’s philosophy , I think I understood better reading you.
      Thank you for your visit, Tejaswi :-)

      1. No, Francis. It is the other way round. Richard Bach was a creature of his times. It was an age when people suddenly became pseudo-philosophical. The world was still young then. An average American then did not know much about the Orient or the philosophies from other continents (they still don’t, but that is another story, haha.. but, at least, they know it superficially now, thanks to the internet. Then there is always wiki, if they get indignant and try to tell us how much they know). Notice how the Star Wars myth is based on Oriental leanings… and at that time, it struck a chord somewhere among people who sought the meaning of life. The same with the Beatles, Ravi Shanker, the famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Yoga and all the other commercialized versions of a new phenomenon, that we now recognize as globalization. Today, there are no such philosophical queries or curiosity. The world “knows everything”. It is a “good thing” to be brash these days, to be full of bravado, to be competitive and to be ruthless. Live for the moment and that alone suffices. Tomorrow, the past, do not matter anymore.
        So if you feel humble today, then it is a sign of true wisdom :) Not being positive would be a different thing now as once upon a time being positive used to be a fad. Always remember this, Francis, you are what you are – not decided by destiny or by people’s evaluation of you. I would be suspicious if you were mindlessly positive hahaha. When you brood, you create. When you feel that things are wrong, you want change. Only when you know that the system is bad, you want to change it from within. If you are always happy, always positive, when in fact the reality is not so, then you are living an illusion. Then, who is the fool? The one who sees reality and gets depressed or the one who revels in an illusion? It shall pass, Francis. We are positive in the end, always. Because we shall always try to do better, make ourselves better and try to make the world better. Even if it sounds like a foolish, impossible task. That is not so bad :) Tomorrow you will be positive again, when you think you are doing something worth it.

        (as usual, I typed up a pompous lecture like some wise man… hahaha.. sorry)

      2. I made a mistake and had should investigated about Richard Bach… I’m sorry for that (I just was reading more about him)
        Well, although it’s a diary sometimes I choose to write with deeper signs ofr symbols for a question of modesty or shame. Some preocupations of end of year. Thanks for your words of encouragement, Tejaswi.
        I’m grateful for your words and I didn’t read them as pompous but quite illustrative. If can learn something new or to do someting better then it’s a good day.
        Greetings :-)

  2. Hmmmm, I don’t really agree with your philosophy, but perhaps I’m misinterpreting your metaphor. We can discuss it another time. For now, I’ll just enjoy the photo :)

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