In the Pelican hood

In the Pelican Hood

This gang doesn’t accept a no for answer.

I just have drank a lot of beers and there is a table moving funny XD if you have questions I can answer you. haha no! drunk or not I alwas try to be honest ;-) Today was the finish of a concrete slab and the tradition says to share it with the workers. Otherwise it would be a way to dispise them.

21 thoughts on “In the Pelican hood

    1. Sweet Meri… I’m so sorry for the time :’| I rely in the notifications of WordPress to reply comments but these days there is a lot of comments that don’t get to the notifications.This is the last time I make you wait because I’m going to review the comments directly.
      The concrete slab is the circulation or exterior passage for a little building used by the fishermen. I am happy you liked it,
      A big sorry and a warm greeting from Peru…

  1. what a great photo Francis. one reason i love going to Florida. we dont see Pelicans here, in Western New York. too cold. i love these giants.
    Happy New Year

  2. These do look like some tough hombres! The one in front looks like he’s going to slash you with his pelican beak. Maybe he even has a switchblade hidden in his plumage.
    How long did it take you to sober up? :)

    1. haha, I am far more dangerous, just kidding XD they are so funny! they seem to imitate the fishermen (or perhaps it is the other way around) in their way to stare the sea…
      Gracias, besos y abrazos ^^

    1. lol XD You couldn’t believed, they (they guys, not the pelicans hehe) took me to a private bar, a hidden place in a home with perhaps one century old. They had to be known by the lady there and it was just old men there drinking. Me and one of the workers were the younger. In any case although a funny experience still I cannot bear much the beer ;-)
      The pelicans are always like that, they are adorable xD

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