Sunset in the port…

The forgotten planet and its sunset of two Suns

The forgotten planet and its sunset of two Suns

I used to work long hours in Ilo city, but I had the option to choose my hours to eat… the sunset in the port (when it’s not cloudy I mean) are fantastic and I used that time to eat something fast and see from the port the ocean.

A far eye

a far eye

There are just a few people there, and when there are more persons usually it’s to celebrate an event. In winter it has no lights so the sunset turns into a game of silhouettes, like a chinese shadow play.

In the border of the world a three

in the border of the world a tree

The boats take a breath between waves, the ocean leave behind her turquoise and dress clothes of fire: it’s another sunset in the sea of Ilo.

vast openness

vast openness

In the brief moments when there aren’t people around (and that happens frequently) I have that feeling to being in an empty museum. Signals from a civilization know from another life and another time.

Sleeping navy

sleeping navy

The sky takes colors that make me think in a popular brand of Peruvian ice-cream, it has three colors melting inside and shaping candy landscapes. The ice-cream sky takes a breath and the flying creatures return to their secret homes in the trees in the border of the sea or in the beams and columns under the wooden and old port.

Reader at the end of the Ocean

Reader at the end of the Ocean

The time is gentle there, so everybody there takes the chance to try a bit of slowness in middle of a modern city. Of course it’s an illusion, the feeling of eternity vanish after a while when the night turns the sea into a blind noise of waves breaking against the shores.

Infinite sky

Infinite Sky

In Ilo the winter is sometimes quite warm. The sea is a sort of sorcerer, once you see it you get frozen staring to it, besides a few laughs of children and little chatting of friends it’s a place where people just see as in a hunting mirror something mysterious but common to each of us.

Men bowing their head in respect for the dying king

Men bowing their head in respect for the dying king

This is actually the story of two sunsets. But also is true that in that moment every sunset is the same, a little travel to a magical land of golden tones.

32 thoughts on “Sunset in the port…

    1. I love Turner’s paintings so I think to me would be epic to see that fury and lashing winds and floods. I woul be storm Francis I guess XD
      Thank you, fragglerocking :-)

      1. The floods here have caused a lot of tears to people whose homes have been devastated, have been watching it on the news and it’s pretty grim. I am lucky to live in an area that doesn’t flood.

      2. Those are bad news :/ I am sorry for my comment fragglerocking. I thought in bad weather but not in tragedies. I hope they can receive help…

  1. A wonderful series, Francis. Like the first photo very much- a great composition of black and yellow.
    Best wishes, Francis,

    1. I die for black and yellow and blue with orange combinations :-)
      Thanks for your visit, Ulli. Hoping you had a wonderful new year’s day.
      Best wishes,

      1. Yes I know your preference for b/y and o/b and I like your compositions. The yellow and orange is the perfect way to compensate the hardness of the cold colours.
        Your gravatar is a wonderful example for the combination of b/y and a wonderful theme.
        Have a great first weekend in the very New Year, Francis,

    1. I had luck to see it because it was in winter when usually there is only fog and cloudy days :-)
      I think your world (from US to China and from Peru to Colombia) is quite amazing.
      Besos y un feliz año nuevo querida Melissa \^_^/

  2. My dear Francis! I’ve read your greeting on my blog! Im sooo thankful for your wishes and so happy to have you here to share the same passion in photography! I wish you a great and wonderful 2016!


    1. You have been always so kind and nice with me n.n How could I forget you u.u?
      Thank you for visiting and your greeting, that’s a special gesture to me.
      Great 2016 from a person in Peru that has a big place for you, my dear hadorable, in his heart :-)

    1. And so fast, as a kiss or a glimpse the sunset vanished afer a brief warmness. As in Le Petit Prince when kid I wanted to have a chair and move forward to enjoy more the sunsets (there was no electricity so I liked to be there before the night) with the years I learned that its short time makes it special too.

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