The equilibrist

The equilibrist

In the elementary school I was very good in the exercise to practice equilibrium over a thin wooden beam to jump to a ring, once I was selected to practice it in public but I was so afraid that I didn’t do anything. Last weekend in the building I designed I had to walk a thin wooden board to set the formwork of a concrete beam, in one side there was five meters of a fall to concrete stairs and to the other side was a fall of ten meters to the neighbour roof. Everything withouth safety equipment…

I felt what I feel when I am lost in the cold of the nature; or climbing also without nothing more than a pair of shoes a jean a shirt and a backpack with water and a camera; or fighting to don’t die in the dangerous blocks. The life suddenly seems a wooden beam so thin and light, so fragile…

34 thoughts on “The equilibrist

  1. Haaappy neeeew yeaaar, Fraaancisss! Thank you for all the beautiful moments, which you give me in this year! In Romania it is customary to make gifts in this final period of the year. You are far from me and I can not to do a physical gift. So I’m going to do a spiritual gift. From time to time you visited my poetry blog, without you understand what I write there. Now I asked to Nicole (, to translate one of my poems (Nostalgie De Toamna/2015-11-01) in English. Since she have advanced study of English and is also an excellent poet, he did more than a translation. She made an adaptation, showing that a poem written in English. The story is the same, but the rhythm and rhymes were adapted by Nicole for better look in English. I know that lately, you’ve been busy with construction, but I hope to find you a few moments of spiritual tranquility, for read these lyrics. I will come in new year before you, so: Welcome in 2016, Francis!!!

    Autumn Nostalgia (Autumn Longing)

    Deeply carving their way down the cheek
    Autumn tears,
    Time scratching marks on the wandering soul
    With the nail of silence,
    Pointing at the hardened heart
    Seeming to have been vibrating,
    Up until yesterday.

    Neither song nor rhyme
    Nor colour zest,
    Stir eyes
    From their sad arrest.

    Dancing around swirling gently
    The mild Zephyr breeze,
    Carrying in his arms the leaf, a sweet recover
    That in the spring he held close as his lover.

    He lays her down carefully
    Whilst she is dreaming silently,
    Spring rhyme
    For the last time.

    The Zephyr jolts lively
    In a brave whirl,
    And then a sudden crash
    Among the clouds up high,
    Within the crane-tormented sky.

    After all that, down my lonely look I bring
    And searching for an answer in your eyes.
    I roam along unknown blissful skies
    I wonder… will I be here in the spring?…

    1. Thanks very much Dan for so noble gesture… and thanks to doarnicol that sure could be dearnicol as well. It was nice that the moments I shared were shared with you as well. Certainly you have a way to see the world with a warm kindness.
      My best wishes for you this 2016, certainly I would like to understand your poetry but I understand the music on it, the same way doarnicol got a beautiful composition in English I could get a beautiful translation in Spanish if you want. The words can change but if it has soul this can survive inaltered.
      kind regards,

      1. Nicol promised me to translate another two poems! When is ready, I will send to you! Maybe you will stimulate to write more often, poetry!? :D
        It is sayd that a poem is a diamond of spirit! Do you want to be “rich”, Francis? Write poetry! :D

      2. Poetry is something still mysterious to me, and I know it has so many rules. I would be happy to see your united venture with the dear Nicol : )

      3. Poetry has much less rules than architecture! You have a spirit of artist, with or without poetry! When you paint, you make a visual poem! If you replace colors with the right words, you’ll get a poem! :D

      4. It’s hard to repliest against Tejaswi, because the gods using his head as a universal library! It seems that all the world’s books are there! He knows everything about poetry! But Tejaswi write poetry?!

      5. I think his mind had created poems we haven’t seen… And besides the written books sure there are the books he has written.

      6. You are right! I feel fortunate that he speaks occasionally with me! Usually we talk about politics. I was amazed to see that he knows perfectly the political situation from Europe !

      7. And I don’t want to translate in Spanish, because that would take you time, which you can use otherwise. I know that you do not love Spanish language!

      8. It would be time for a friend. I don’t feel attached to Spanish language but certainly I don’t dislike it, I just would like to use more my own language : )

      9. I found one (extraordinarily) long word aruskipasipxañanakasakipunirakispawa
        Sadly my knowledge of Aymara language, what should be my language is quite limited because the education is just in Spanish language.

  2. What can I do when I feel dizziness ? There is no easy answer. May be let it happen, slowly, with the conscientiousness that it happens. Many thanks for your thoughts and pictures, Francis, and a well balanced new year to you !

    1. Get caught without notice it in the stream of a dream… Thank you, Gilles. You have a kind soul and I am honored for your visits and happy to see your thoughts in your cartoons. I think they say me a lot about you and they speak about a human person with an amazing job in a beautiful place.
      Wishing you a great 2016 and all the best.

  3. “better not look down
    If you want to keep on flying
    Put the hammer down
    Keep it full speed ahead
    Better not look back
    Or you might just wind up crying
    You can keep it moving
    If you don’t look down ”

    BB.King 😃

    1. Hi, Julie. I am happy to have you here among my visitors ^_^/!!! I enjoy your blog too, you make a paradise with your hands and dedication.
      Thank you and happy new year, I hope it’s going to be a nice one for you ☺

  4. Yes, life is fragile, but if we were immortal, it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting!
    I like the BB King lyrics that Fragglerocking posted in her comment. Just keep looking forward and don’t look down :)
    Happy New Year, my friend!

    1. Melissa, I am ashamed to haven’t replied before. Your message didn’t appear in my message notifications :/ Now I am going look not just down but everywhere to find your messages.
      Take care so much, I am happy to have talked with you in new year my dear Melissa.
      Warm besos ^_^!

  5. Maybe it means that part of our quest, as humans, is to become like birds… able to find a joyous balance, a happy equilibrium, wherever we stand, a good position to look at the world from, exposed to the winds, without falling… I like that.

    1. There is also a playful side that I adore. Because we could take the normal broad way but it’s funnier to walk the more beautiful but more dangerous way. I feel a bit of that when I walk with you in your words and photographs: you are waking special paths, the sort that makes you feel connected with something bigger as are your mountain and the forest with its soft glow.

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